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Va Beach Smoker Fight Results for Ivey League MMA

This past weekend Ivey League MMA took to the road in a minivan and headed south, down to Virginia Beach to take part in a Kickboxing/Boxing event. This event was hosted by our friends at OutFox Mix Martial Arts. A sister school run by my close friend and training partner Jose Villarisco. This type of event is called "Smoker Fights". Oh wait a second, real quick let me go over how smoker fights work and all that. Smoker fights are exhibition fights that can be in Boxing, Thai Boxing or sometimes MMA. Most of the time they're held at a gym, sometimes local and sometimes far away. Smoker fights are a great way to help get up and coming fighters more comfortable being in front of … Click Here to View Full Post »

Kids Night of the Ninja Sleepover Returns 5/13/16

Need a break from the kids for one night? Than you're in luck because our Night of the Ninja sleepover/lock-in returns to Ivey League on May 13th … Click Here to View Full Post »

High Pressure Only a Pizza Shop Can Provide.

Most people don’t know this but back in the day before I made a living teaching Mixed Martial Arts I delivered pizzas on the weekends for some extra … Click Here to View Full Post »

Martial Arts Classes For Those With Special Needs

Can martial arts classes be beneficial to those with special needs? From what I've seen, yes, very much so in fact. A lot of people don't know … Click Here to View Full Post »