2013 Summer Camp For The Kids

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Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts starts it’s third year of summer camp training. This gives the kids a chance to bring their martial arts training to a whole new level.

How does that happen? What do I mean by “Whole new level”?

That pretty much means the kids will become way better way faster if they attend summer training sessions with us.

That’s because the kids workout 3 times a day! They learn Muay Thai in the morning, BJJ in the afternoon and then in the late afternoon they train in wrestling for takedowns.

You can’t not get good with a schedule like that. Even an average level child can go from good to great with just a little more work. Oh and yes, work they get!

The other plus to putting your child into something like the summer camps we offer is that the kids make many new friends. It really makes a difference to meet new people and form new friendships.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times parents have told me that their child met so and so and now they’re BFF’s.

So in honor of the beginning of this new year of summer training I posted some great youtube videos. Check them out!

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