About Kelly Franquemont And The Judo Seminar On March 3rd

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This blog post is another reminder of the upcoming special Judo seminar we have lined up for the children and the adult CAP Members (Gold, Platinum and Titanium).

Remember the seminar will be held on March 3rd, 2012. Kids start at 12noon and will go for 2 hours. Adult CAP students will start at 2:30pm and the time will vary for the adults.

Not only is this seminar worth your time but you’ll also be getting the most ridiculous deal on earth! Seminar rates are below:

CAP/BBC Members invest only $10! (FREE for Titanium Members)
Non Enrolled kids or Intro program kids invest just $20!
All proceeds will go to Sensei Kelly for being nice enough to come work with our program.

Below is a little bio on Kelly Franquemont. Please read it and get to know the young lady who will be giving up great Judo and takedown knowledge.

From Sensei Kelly:

“A little about me and how I started judo and all that: I’m 29, and I was a horseback riding instructor until I moved to Japan to teach english. I started judo there with my high school team, which is ranked among the top in Japan and regularly sends students on to Tenri University and other top judo colleges. I learned under Yamanaka Jun, who took over from his father, Yamanaka Kenichi. Yamanaka Kenichi-sensei is one of the most famous judoka still involved in the sport. He took silver at the 1965 world championships and taught Anai Takamasa until high school. He gave me my black belt test…THAT was intimidating.”

“I miss my team a lot but I am happy to have the opportunity to continue judo in the states with the University of Pennsylvania Judo team, and I try to always keep the founding principals of judo I learned in Japan – “seiryokuzenyou” and “jitakyoei” – with me. My best throws are ouchigari and haraigoshi, but here in America I’m becoming a seoinage expert because EVERYONE is taller than me! haha”

We hope the above part sheds some more light on who Sensei Kelly is and what she’s all about. Don’t miss this chance to work not only with her but also her Japanese assistant who I’m told is a beast at Judo as well. I’m sure he’ll be working a lot with the gentlemen who are smart enough to invest in themselves and attend the seminar.

I’m a big believer in investing in yourself. I still to this day take seminars, both for business and martial arts. I also belong to 2 different very high level Mastermind groups that cost a lot of money. Is it all worth it? 100% YES! Should you invest in this seminar and yourself? I don’t know, are you worth it? Do you care about getting better and learning? If so don’t waste time, go to the front desk and see Chrissy to RSVP for the seminar (that goes for parents of kids as well)!!!

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