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A Great Training Environment Makes All The Difference in The World

By April 16, 2014 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

The Right Environment Can Make Or Break Your Progress

It’s interesting to me that you can have a football player perform like crap for one team but absolutely amazing for another.

Maybe this player got traded and ended up on a new team. With new systems and coaches. All the sudden said player becomes the toast of the town. His new team makes it to the Superbowl, wins that and now he becomes the MVP. Crazy right!? This is actually pretty common, not just in football but in the world of athletics.

MD MMA Gym and classes at ivey league mix martial arts

A good MMA Gym with the right feel should make you want to train and get better.

That very same situation can and often does happen with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) students. I know tons of folks that for one reason or another didn’t shine at one place but were awesome at another. So what gives?

How does this happen? The right environment happened. That’s what the difference for a lot of people. They needed to find the right environment for their training.

Your Training Environment and how to find it.

Your training environment is everything. And It’s not always about finding the biggest or the best MMA place. You need to find the one that suits your needs.

I’ve been in and around many of the best MMA Gyms in the world. Including:

  • Renzo Gracie’s in New York City
  • Team Lloyd Irvin
  • Miletich Fighting Systems
  • Brazilian Top Team (BTT)
  • Minnesota Martial Arts Academy

All of the above listed gyms are awesome and I wouldn’t dare say a bad word about any of them. But the one thing I noticed is that the environment is different with each program. The system and way things are done is never the same.

I’m a big believer that the environment you choose to train in holds the key to success. You need to be around the right people who’ve got similar goals to your own.

lessons in mma near annapolis maryland

The results from the right training environment should be lots of progress. Like moving up in belt rank is seen here

It’s all about what fits for you, not them!

Just because someone has success with Team A doesn’t mean will too. Maybe you’d be better off at Team B. You’ll need to find the right gym environment that feels best for you, not your friend or anyone else.

This isn’t a “one size fits all” type of thing.

But how do you know if you picked the right MMA gym? How’s the vibe feel? Do you feel motivated to take the classes? Are you excited to train? Here’s a really good question: Do you even like your fellow students?!

Then ask yourself this… “Am I learning anything?”.

Below is a list of the questions you should ask yourself to decide if the environment is right for you:

  • How Do The Students (And Instructors) Act During The Classes?
  • Do You Feel Welcomed?
  • Is This a Clean Facility?
  • Does This Environment Help You Want To Train Hard?
  • Are You Learning Anything New?
  • Are You Seeing Progress?
  • Are You Getting Helpful Feedback From The Instructors/Coaches?

Everything listed above has an impact on your progress, whether you know it or not. You need to look closely at these things before picking your new home for MMA lessons.

Switching to a new MMA Gym and why Sometimes this is necessary

What If you’ve already picked a place to call home but only now relieved you made a mistake? Switching to a new MMA Gym isn’t always fun, I know this first hand. But, often times it’s something that needs to be done.

Find a new gym/home that’s right for you. However, make sure you do this the right way. You’ll want to leave in good standings with the instructors and staff, both from a personal and financial standpoint.

If you just roll on out and don’t say a word that’s not good. Oh and if you just stop paying your current MMA Gym that’s definitely not good either. Telling them what’s up and deal with the situation. That’s just the right thing to do.

Make the move and you’ll be glad you did. If you’re not happy and the environment isn’t right it simply won’t work out anyway, today or later down the road.

No Matter What It’s What Fits For You, Not What Fits For Everyone Else!

I can’t say that enough. It’s not what’s right for student A, B or C. It’s finding what’s the best fit for YOU and you only. If you do your homework I’m sure you’ll end up with the right group of people.

Below I included videos of fighters from some of the best MMA Gyms I know of. Check ’em out.

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