A Night to Remember at Ivey League

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In an historic and not-soon-to-be-forgotten night of training, two devoted and hard working students were promoted to the rank of Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Jeaneo “Black Eye” Binney and Rob “Chuck Liddell” Tipton fought for their lives as each faced off with every student in the room in order to complete the tradition of promotion. They earned their promotions through their dedication to the sport and demonstration of the characteristics of an advanced student. Jeaneo and Rob have been training with Ivey League since it opened, but each started learning BJJ years before with team Lloyd Irvin. These two students are known for their reliability in training, willingness to help other students learn, and true love for the sport. Congratulations Jeaneo and Rob, keep up the hard work!

Chuck taking his beating from Danny

Jeaneo gets her blue belt!

The team at the promtions!

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