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About Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts

Ivey League MMA was founded in 2008 by Danny Ives as a place where people of all levels/genders/ages could join to learn real mixed martial arts (MMA).

We started out with just 3 classes a week. These classes were held at a place called “Universal Gymnastics” right off of Best Gate Road, across the street from the Annapolis Mall.

The classes/styles taught were Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian “Gracie” Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling. We combined these styles into our brand of Mixed Martial Arts.

The goal was to offer a wide variety of martial arts styles in order for students to become as well rounded as possible.

In the beginning we made due with what we had and got the most out of our training in that gymnastics studio.

Over time We started to grow little by little and pretty soon Ivey League MMA needed it’s own building to call home.

We moved Ivey League right up the street from Annapolis to Severna Park, behind the bowling alley on Ritchie Hwy.

It was at that point when we moved to Severna Park we launched our children’s program which quickly grew into one of the biggest programs in all of Maryland.

After a few years we ended up out growing that location too. From there we moved to our current location in Arnold, inside the YWCA building.

We’ve been inside the YWCA for almost 3 years now. Many of the students who started with us back at the gymnastics center are still here today training with us.

It’s crazy how far we’ve come and we’ve very appreciative for all the wonderful people we’ve been able to work with and help over the years.

These days Ivey League MMA is known all over the United State and beyond for top level training in mix martial arts. That’s something we’re all very proud of.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: We want to help people get fit, gain self-confidence, reach their life goals and learn realistic self-defense skills through our mixed martial arts.

We’re very passionate about martial arts and for good reason. We get to witness the impact martial arts can have on someone, and to see it change their life in such a positive way, well let’s just say we live for those moments.

At Ivey League MMA, Our goal is for our students to be physically fit, and to work out everyday stress, learn practical martial arts skills, and become a more confident and successful person in every aspect of their life.

Mixed Martial Arts for Children

Our children’s programs are designed to build confidence and help kids reach their fullest potential possible. We want them to be healthy in both body and mind through martial arts classes.

This type of training will instill in the child the self-confidence, focus and determination that’s needed in order to become mentally strong and successful, in the dojo and in life.

Adult Mixed Martial Arts Programs

Our adult program offers classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Grappling, Wrestling, MMA and Fitness Boot Camp.

All programs are designed to help one achieve self-confidence through physical fitness while also learning the techniques needed for well rounded, total self-defense.

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Our Core Values

  • 1. Dedication to the team and teammates.
  • 2. Never-ending improvement.
  • 3. Respect for the foundation of what you learn and teach.
  • 4. Do the right thing (even when no one is looking).
  • 5. Smart decisions based on a Plan and Reality.
Danny Ives is always willing to lead a hand and help coach the men and women of the United States Military, as seen here in Ft Hood TX

Danny Ives is always willing to lend a hand and help coach the men and women of the United States Military, as seen here in Ft Hood TX

Dedication to the Team and Teammates.

Do you consider yourself to be a “team player”? One of the keys to our success is directly related to a very team-like atmosphere and how our students look out for each other.

People with big ego’s, with negative Nancy attitudes or act like wannabe-tough-guys don’t make for very good martial artists. It makes for a meathead MMA Gym. Something Ivey League is definitely not!

Everyone works together as a team, everyone wants everyone else to be successful. You can’t do it all by yourself. A good team of people supporting you makes all the difference.

Knowing you’re surrounded by teammates who care, who want to see you reach your true potential, that’s what we’re all about.

ivey league mix martial arts near severna park

Ivey League Students working on abs side by side during our Tuesday MMA class