Ivey League MMA was founded in 2008 by Danny Ives as a place where people of all levels/genders/ages could join to learn real mixed martial arts (MMA).

Danny’s goal was to teach a combination of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wrestling.

Our goal is to offer a wide variety of martial arts styles in order for students to become as well rounded as possible.

It’s amazing how far we’ve come since 2008 and we’re so thankful for all the wonderful people who’ve made our progress possible.

Because of the hard work from our loyal staff and students, Ivey League is known for its high level training for our adults and children alike.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To change lives. We hope that with our help, each and every person who walks through the door will understand and receive the life changing benefits that mixed martial arts and self defense has to offer.

We’re passionate about what we do, and for good reason. We witness the impact martial arts has on all our students, and get to be a part of the life-altering experiences that it brings to them. At Ivey League MMA, our goal is to change each of our student’s lives for the better.

Ivey League Core Values:

      • Dedication to the team and teammates
      • Never-ending improvement
      • Respect for the foundation of what you learn and teach
      • Doing the right thing (even when no one is looking)
      • Smart decisions based on a Plan and Reality

Dedication to the Team and Teammates

Do you consider yourself to be a “team player”? One of the keys to our success is directly related to a very team-like atmosphere and how our students look out for each other.

People with big ego’s won’t make it here, or at any good martial arts school. It makes for a toxic, meathead MMA Gym, something Ivey League is definitely not!

Being surrounded by teammates who care, who want to see you reach your true potential, and who want you to succeed is what Ivey League’s all about.

836 Ritchie Hwy Unit 3 Severna Park, MD 21146