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Don’t Let The UFC Hype Fool You. Mixed Martial
Arts Is For Everybody. And You Can Experience
All Its Benefits During Your Trial Session.

Better Physical Conditioning, Strong Spirit And Mind, Life-Saving Skills,
A Workout That’s Fun Again…That’s Just The Beginning!

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So you wanna be a fighter? Or maybe you just
wanna be in shape like one?

Perhaps you’ve watched MMA on TV and think it would be fun
to try but have no idea how to do it safely?

At Ivey League MMA, we’ll give you all the tools you need to get started in a safe, friendly environment. That’s not only top-notch MMA-specific classes, but access to our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling, Judo, and Conditioning classes. These are the same core elements the pros train every day!

In addition to teaching valuable self-defense skills, they will absolutely get you shedding pounds and toning up your entire body. Plus there’s that whole “I’m kind of awesome” realization everyone makes at some point just months into training when you realize you are quickly amassing a dangerous set of skills.

Learn To Become The Ultimate Super Hero
In Our Mixed Martial Arts Program.

danny and gang
Men and women alike can learn to fight like the pros without ever getting beat up or hit. It’s win win, you get get in the best shape of your life while at the same time learning something fun like MMA!

And for our Teen students, we recognize that you might be concerned about training with larger, stronger adult training partners. That’s why we offer several Teen MMA classes where you’ll train alongside others your age, size, and experience level.

Of course all Teen MMA athletes are welcome to attend adult classes upon instructor approval, but rest assured we’ll guide you on the safer path to world fight domination… with a careful eye on your partners and workout intensity.

We realize most people have no desire to compete and only a very small percentage ever will step into a ring or cage. While we can help those who do, classes at Ivey League MMA are geared toward the individual.

Working Out Never Felt So Good!

If you’re new to mixed martial arts, you’re in for a big surprise.
In your very first class, you’re going to discover that MMA skills are not only super fun to learn, but they’re a fantastic way to get in amazing shape.

Our classes will give you the best workouts you’ve ever had…

And you’ll have a blast every minute of every class!

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, a man or a woman, in or out of shape, if you commit to our MMA program, you will see real results, really fast.

What kind of fitness results can you expect?

  • Get ripped with strong muscles…
  • Learn how to use your arms, legs, back and core for optimum power…
  • Enjoy improved flexibility…
  • Watch those stubborn pounds, inches and “soft spots” melt away…
  • Benefit from dramatically improved cardio and endurance…

Whether you’re a man or woman, you’re going to quickly discover a new sexier, leaner and stronger body is waiting to be unleashed inside of you.

That’s because MMA offers you the best in full-body exercise.

It’s strength training, stretching, cardio and all-over fitness all wrapped into one.

Get started taking advantage of this incredible way to fast track your health and wellbeing…

The idea is to train smart and have fun!

If you’ve always wanted to try mixed martial arts, but didn’t like the idea of getting hit in the face, we feel your pain.

Many MMA schools think the only way to teach their students how to fight is to put on boxing gloves and swing for the fences. Not only is this counter-productive and dangerous, but it also hinders the learning process and usually results in unnecessary injuries.

At Ivey League MMA, most of our students have families and jobs and can’t afford to leave the gym with black eyes.

Our grappling and sparring instruction is always conducted with utmost control and – most importantly – only when your instructor determines you are truly ready.

At that time, you will only be sparring with your instructor or an advanced student, so that you can get comfortable.

Only our amateur and professional fighters do hard sparring to prepare themselves for the conditions inside the cage.

At Ivey League MMA, your safety is always our number one concern AND turning you into the best fighter you can be.

Don’t Confuse Us with Other “MMA” Gyms

At Ivey League MMA, we teach genuine Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Self-Defense.

If you’re looking for a top-rate MMA gym, it’s very important that you find a program that includes all three of the major mixed martial arts disciplines:

  • Striking (e.g., Muay Thai kickboxing)
  • Takedowns (e.g., wrestling)
  • Ground Grappling (e.g., Brazilian jiu-jitsu)

If you’re considering another MMA school, be sure to ask if they offer all three disciplines. If they do not, it’s best you continue looking for a well-rounded program that offers you the comprehensive training you need to succeed in every aspect of the sport.

At Ivey League MMA, we teach all three styles of fighting: BJJ, Muay Thai kickboxing, and Wrestling.

We have developed a rigorous, step-by-step curriculum that reduces each of the three systems into their fundamental building blocks. We then specialize in teaching you how to put them together in the best way possible, so you can truly be the most complete martial artist.

As you can see, there are many things you must look for when searching for the perfect MMA gym.

We pride ourselves on offering a true beginner course with a
progressive curriculum that will build a solid foundation
quickly so the real fun can begin!

What do we offer you? Take a look at
what separates us from the rest:

Ivey League MMA VS Others

World Class Striking

Our kickboxing coaches Danny Ives and Jason Ferral (amongst other Ivey League fighters) have been coached and trained extensively for years under world renowned trainer Pat Miletich and Jose Villarisco.

Pat Miletich is a former UFC Champion and trainer of four world-class UFC Champions. Jose is a US National Muay Thai Champion and World Silver Medalist at the World Muay Thai Championships.

Each one of our coaches has learned from the best of the best and now they are sharing all their secrets to success with you.


Mediocre Striking

Many so-called MMA gyms may have decorated or proven Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, but these instructors have focused much of their training on submissions. If they know how to strike at all, they are often mediocre at best.

If you want to master the standup game, you deserve better and that’s exactly what Ivey League MMA offers you.

High Level Takedowns

Ivey League MMA is well known in the area for having the best takedowns. Our instructors possess some of the best takedown skills found anywhere and have been battle-tested in the field time and time again.

In fact, Ivey League MMA’s Head Instructors learned to wrestle from top American wrestlers such as John Trenge, David Nakasone, and Mike Whitehead, just to name a few.


Weak Takedowns

Unfortunately, a lot of grapplers learn their takedowns only from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors. The problem with this approach is that BJJ is known for having relatively weak takedowns. The BJJ specialist is all about the ground game – not what happens before you hit the ground.

As a result, many MMA schools that don’t have strong wrestling and/or Judo instructors tend to produce students who don’t have strong takedowns.

Ivey League MMA teaches you the expert takedown techniques you need to dominate.

World-Class Ground Grappling

With two certified Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts known worldwide for their skills on the mat instructing you, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best coaching available anywhere in the Anne Arundel County area.

Danny Ives has been instrumental in shaping modern Jiu-Jitsu in America. Nelson Randolf was also consistently ranked at the top when it came to BJJ. Nelson has since retired from competition to focus solely on training up and coming students like you.


Poor Ground Grappling

Jiu-jitsu is an evolving sport that requires innovation and dedication to meeting new challenges. That’s why it is so rare to findquality ground grappling.

More often than not, you’ll come across old, out-dated, and ineffective Jiu-Jitsu skills being taught by many non-competitive grapplers. Regretfully, just about anybody can attend a two-hour seminar and claim to be masters of the sport.

Ivey League MMA equips you with theleading-edge grappling skills you must have if you want to devastate your opponents and create a complete fighting package.

Real-World Fighting Experience

It doesn’t do you any good to know striking, takedowns, or ground grappling if you can’t put it all together into a serious fight plan.

At Ivey League, our head instructors are decorated professional fighters with titles earned in the ring and cage. They know exactly what works and what doesn’t in a real fight. When it comes to self defense or competitive fighting, you don’t need theories, you need techniques that will set you up for victory in the heat of battle.


Mediocre or Non-Existent Fight Experience

If you want to truly learn how to become an all-around high-quality mixed martial artist, you must learn from instructors who have “been there, done that.” Be sure to ask your potential instructors how much fight experience they have. Be careful of instructors who possess certifications under respected fighters but have not entered the cage or ring themselves.

Ivey League MMA’s instructors are battle-tested and have been through some of the most epic mixed martial arts battles … and won!


Great instruction, great hours, great facility, great pricing, and great people…what’s not to love!?

Whether your interest is losing weight, getting in shape, learning self-defense, gaining self-confidence, taking your athleticism to the next level, or just developing a strong mind and body, we can help you achieve your goal! We will be there every step of the way with you on your journey… we are all one team!

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