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Bad Weather Hours & News From Ivey League MMA

By January 22, 2014 June 27th, 2018 No Comments
Danny Ives BJJ classes in annapolis md

First thing first let’s talk about the bad weather we’re having! Due to the snow and school closes we’ll be changing up our hours for Wednesday, 01/22/14.

We’ll be offering after school from 9am-6:30pm for those enrolled. If not enrolled in after school, you can bring your child in for $40 for the day. Remember to pack them food!

We’ll be running the 11am BJJ class given road conditions in the day will be good. For night classes we’ve changed it to an open gym format. The open gym will run from 5-8pm.

For kids that come to the open gym we’ll have an instructor on hand to work with them and make sure training goes down rather then running and screaming all over the place 🙂

Okay on to the news!

This past weekend we had some big things going on, both at Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts and far away elsewhere.

On Saturday we hosted a birthday party for young gray belt Matt Dameron. Matt turned 7 and he wanted to celebrate with us here at Ivey League. Since Matthew is one of our favorite kids we were honored and up for the task.

That party was about as much fun as you can have, in the words on Master Danny Ives. The kids who attended were really cool and it made the party that much better for the kids and staff.

Kids martial arts birthday parties aren’t something we do all the time, but when we do it’s a blast! To have us host your child’s party please email [email protected]

Also on Saturday we received a visit from our friends at OutFox MMA, located in Virginia Beach VA. They came up to get some one on one work with Master Danny as well as help up and coming MMA fighter Robert Melendez get ready for a fight in March.

OutFox MMA also sent Yellow Belt Eric Marsh who’s competing at this years Pan Kids Tournament in California. Judging by what we saw young Eric should do just fine 🙂

On Sunday we took our BBC kids, as well as the OutFox crew, up to Toms River NJ for a joint training session w/ Amie and Ricky Gomez and their group of awesome kids.

The kids that got to come along were:

  • Dax Avila
  • Jacob Miller
  • Lauren Miller
  • WikiFish Avila
  • Olivia Costello
  • Robert Mish
  • Michael Garlington

The Gomez’s teach BJJ up in NJ and have some of the best kid students on the east coast. Since our kids are getting ready for Pan Kids, the most intense kids grappling tournament in the world, we thought going there for a training session would be perfect.

Much thanks goes out to Richard Avila for helping with the drive.

Master Danny ended up teaching some highly effective guard passing and blocking tactics that all the students seemed to enjoy. From there it was on to a lot of live rolling and Q and A, which lasted over 2 hours!

All of the Ivey League kids worked very hard. The two that really stood out were 2013 Pan Kid Gold Medalists Jacob “Juji” Miller and WikiFish Avila (Can’t remember Wiki’s real name…).

They worked their tails off, rolling with any kid (or adult) in sight, for over 2 hours. Needless to say they slept good that night 🙂

Anyone looking for ideas as to what it takes to become a champion should take a look at how those two kids train.

There’s a New Brown Belt in Town….

Those in attendance also got to see long time friend and student Amie Gomez receive her Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Those who understand BJJ know how long it takes to make it to brown belt. It’s not easy and few ever get there. We’re happy to see Amie get what she deserves. We couldn’t be happier for her.

To say that this promotion was long over due might be the understatement of the century! Amie had been a purple belt for 8 years…so yea it was about that time!

Below are some pics from the promotion.

1526920_796130033737490_1253916379_n 1604711_796129857070841_324292395_n

Okay that about covers it. Below I included some great videos for you to study and learn from. Remember video training is great but it by no means replaces an actual class!


Wait one more thing! Our kids summer camp sessions are filling up fast! If you’d like to have your child get in on the camp the time to act is NOW! We will sell out for sure at this rate.

Email Miss Teresa at [email protected] to set up an appointment

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