Battle At The Beach Results 2012:

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This past weekend both the kids and adults headed to NJ for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) tournament called the Naga. This tournament, the “Battle At The Beach” is one of the biggest and the best in the USA and we here at Ivey League MMA try to never miss it.

Not only did Ivey League make the trip but so did other Team Lloyd Irvin schools like Crazy 88, Daddis Fight Camps and Camp Springs. It was truly a pulled together team of Lloyd Irvin fighters.

Ivey League MMA sent 7 competitors. Those were:

Mark Stith, Bronze
Harrison Fratter, DNP
David Miller, Bronze
Holden Murphy, Gold and Silver
Alexia Lara, Double Gold
Jacob Miller, Double Silver
Spike Bill, Gold and Silver

The team did more then well bringing in many medals. Some of the highlights were Alexia winning both of her gi and nogi divisions as well as Jacob Miller fighting some real battles to take double silver.

Holden Murphy also got back to his winning ways as seen in the video below.

The staff here at Ivey League is very proud of all the students that went out there and threw it on the line in the name of fun and learning. Way to get it done!

Next tournament will be on September 25th in Philadelphia. See Coach Danny if you’d like to compete.

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