BJJ in Annapolis Maryland

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BJJ in Annapolis Maryland

Let’s talk about half guard for a minute here. When I go on seminar tours or someone wants me to shoot a video with them they always ask for half guard stuff. I guess over the years I’ve become known for this and hence people always ask me to see it. The truth is that it’s hard to teach and not something I recommend to beginners. I save the half guard stuff for my Combat Gold classes just because it can get pretty high level and my basic program guys need more time before they work up to that stuff.

Anyhow, lets talk about the half guard a little bit and it’s uses. The name half guard pretty much means you lock around the one leg and since you’re doing that it would be considered “half” a guard. The style of guard work was made popular by Roberto “Gordo” Corria. He said that he started doing it because of a knee injury he suffered back in like 92′ and he just used this style and ran with it. Others who have made this series famous would be Sholion, Saulo Ribeiro and Lucas Leite.

This technique works very well for self defense, bjj with or without the gi and of course MMA. I’ve had a lot of luck teaching it to my bigger students like the Krackin and Mike “Cadillac” Murphy. But even for my lighter guys they’re picking it up well. Below I put some videos up for everyone to check out. Study them and learn a thing or 2 about this amazing position and then get into Ivey League MMA to drill it!

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