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BJJ Uniform (GI) Reviews by Danny Ives

By July 28, 2015 June 27th, 2018 No Comments
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Someone the other day asked me for my opinion regarding BJJ Gis and which ones I thought were the best. I thought to myself this might make a pretty good blog to write about, so here we are.

When it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Uniforms I’ve gotta admit that these days there’s a whole lot to choose from, unlike when I started back in ’94 when your only choices were Atama and Krugan brand gis.

Fast forward to 2015 and now you’ve got a million different gi companies. So many that often times it makes picking out the right gi very difficult.

Not only will you find many different companies making gis but also different types, including single and double weave, summer and also many different color choices.

Keep in mind that not all gi brands fit alike. Some are a bit more on the tight end and others more baggy and roomie.

I should also point out that yes there’s a difference between BJJ and Judo gis. When training in BJJ 100% get a gi that’s specific to BJJ, not Judo.

Below are my top 3 choices when it comes to high quality gis that not only look nice but also stand the test of time.

I wish I could write something about every brand but sadly my time is somewhat limited due to summer camp with the kids.


Atama I’m pretty sure is the oldest and best known gi brand for BJJ. My first high end gi was an Atama it lasted me many many years.

Most of their gis are very simple in design but the quality is all there. Very nice cotton, good fit and a good price point make this gi a solid deal.

BJJ gis - atama

I do recommend sticking with their standard single weave gi over the heavier double weave. That double weave is no joke and is more along the lines of body armor then training gi.

With that said, some people really like heavier gis so if that’s your thing by all means get one. I tend to like the lighter weight gis myself.


Koral very much like Atama has a lot of skin in the game. They’re been around since around 2000 and are always regarded as the top or one of the top gis you can get.


Most of the top BJJ Fighters sport Koral brand gis. It’s a well made, nice fitting gi so that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone reading this.

Let me assure you, the price point is high so yeah this better be a good gi! You get what you pay for and Koral is one of the more pricy gis on the market but at the same time a really good one too.

Howard Combat Kimonos

I’ve been a Howard Combat Kimonos (HCK) man since ’97 and for good reason, these gis are awesome. Awesome and relatively inexpensive compared to Atama and Koral.

For me, with a thicker build then most, HCK’s fit a bit better. And boy do these things last forever! I’ve got one hanging up on my rack that’s 15+ years old.

I’ve found that most BJJ students aren’t familiar with the HCK brand and that’s a shame cause they’re really nice.

They tend to be hard to find now-a-days but if you happen upon one I highly recommend grabbing one.


Other gi companies that deserve mention are:

Ring to Cage
Gracie Academy
On The Mat
KF Fighter

No matter what when it all comes down to it, buy a name brand gi that fits you well and you plan to have for a long time. You’ll end up spending more money for a better gi but like i always say, you get what you pay for.

If you end up getting a gi you don’t like or doesn’t fit you well you can always return it for something else or even sell it via eBay.

If you’re an Ivey League MMA student or live/visiting the Annapolis area you really should come check out our pro shop for all your MMA gear needs.

Our pro shop is pretty sweet with many different types of gis availably for purchase as well as MMA related things like gloves, shin guards and mouth pieces.

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