Picking the Right Coach Makes all the Difference in the World

As of this writing, I’ve been training in Martial Arts for 25 years, more than half my life. Over the years I’ve been really fortunate to have been coached by some of the best in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) business.

Some of the coaches I’ve been trained by our:

Renzo Gracie
Pat Miletich

Mental Fitness – Train Your Mind Just As You Would Your Body

I say to the kids all the time “Be a thinker not a stinker”. I picked up that gem of a saying from the great Mr. Apollo Creed, you know, from the Rocky movies.

I love that saying because It’s so true. That’s a saying I’ve lived by for many years now. But what … Read More...

Va Beach Smoker Fight Results for Ivey League MMA

This past weekend Ivey League MMA took to the road in a minivan and headed south, down to Virginia Beach to take part in a Kickboxing/Boxing event.

This event was hosted by our friends at OutFox Mix Martial Arts. A sister school run by my close friend and training partner Jose Villarisco.

This type of …

Kids Night of the Ninja Sleepover Returns 5/13/16

Need a break from the kids for one night? Than you’re in luck because our Night of the Ninja sleepover/lock-in returns to Ivey League on May 13th 2016!

The kids have been asking me nonstop about the next NOTN and I’m happy to say we finally nailed down a date. Here’s how the sleepover works: … Read More...

High Pressure Only a Pizza Shop Can Provide.

Most people don’t know this but back in the day before I made a living teaching Mixed Martial Arts I delivered pizzas on the weekends for some extra cash.

I’ll never forget that place either. It’s still there by the way, Originals Pizza and cheesesteaks right off State Rd in Northeast Philadelphia.

I worked there …

Martial Arts Classes For Those With Special Needs

Can martial arts classes be beneficial to those with special needs? From what I’ve seen, yes, very much so in fact.

A lot of people don’t know this but I work with a group of special needs students every Friday afternoon at 1pm. It’s a simple 40 minute class witch focuses on fitness, kickboxing, teamwork … Read More...

Training in Mexico

Last week I got to spend time training and teaching in Mexico City, Mexico. Let me start by saying I had a great time and I love the Mexican people. Everyone was so nice and really made me feel like family, what a great group of people.

I love traveling the world and meeting new … Read More...

Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Moved to Crazy 88 MMA Tomorrow Night

If you’ve been in for class over the last 3 days you’ve probably noticed that everything’s been moved to the downstairs training unit.

As it turns out, there’s a funny story to tell and the reason we’ve been forced downstairs..the story goes like this:

This past Wednesday night as we were wrapping up a really … Read More...

Ivey League MMA News March 2016

Happy Friday everyone! I’m guessing Friday is most people’s favorite day of the week so enjoy it.

Things are rocking and rolling around here which is great because February was a pretty low-key month for us. Alright well on to the news…

Some Much Deserved Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Promotions Went Down.

Anyone who trains in …

When In Doubt, What Would Rickson Gracie Do?

I was reading an interview last night with BJJ great Rickson Gracie. During the interview he was asked what he thought were the best submission holds for use in a real fight.

He said that while he really liked the armlock and kneebar if he had to pick, chokeholds would always be his first choice. … Read More...