Best Beginners Boxing Program in Annapolis

Get Ready To Have A Blast…Discovering the “Sweet Science” in a Beginner Friendly Safe Environment. Learn From the Best Coaches in Maryland while Mastering The Art of Real Boxing and Getting in the Best Shape of Your Whole Life

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All classes are taught in a safe and fun learning environment perfect for everyone. 7-Day Free Trial Offered!

The Boxing Program offers both group and private classes in a safe, clean, fun, and friendly training environment.

You’ll be learning real Boxing techniques and skills. No fake cardio kick stuff here! On top of that, you’ll also get in shape, have fun and enjoy working out like you never thought you could.

Our overall goal is to help students explore and expand their potential using the techniques and skills taught in the art of Boxing.

We recognize that everyone trains for different reasons and goals, and that’s great! Because of this we always encourage co-creative environment.

Our Boxing classes are absolutely ego free, no judgement zones. No bad attitudes or other nonsense that say many local Boxing Gyms and Martial Arts Schools are known for.

This type of training atmosphere allows you to focus on your training and goals and nothing else. It’s all about helping you to become the best “YOU” you can be!

You’ll get to workout side by side with other beginner level Boxing students, in classes that are designed for maximum progress in the shortest time possible while taking you along step by step.

Along the way our students learn skills that work in a competitive or self-defense situation. Yes, Boxing is AWESOME and so much more fun than working out at the local (super boring) gym.

You’ll get a great Workout, break a sweat, learn some new skills, and of course have fun. It’s time for you to find out what your limits are…AND BLOW RIGHT PAST THEM!!!

And we’ll be right there with you along your path. That’s what makes Ivey League different. We actually care about our students and their success.

Whether you’re working one on one in private sessions or taking the popular group classes, our first priority is always to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.


Rave Reviews for our Boxing Program

Meet The Coaching Staff

Head Boxing Coach – “Slick” Nick Kisner

Nick Kisner comes to Ivey League MMA with a lifetime of Boxing experience having trained since also the day he was born.

Trained by his father, Danny Kisner, a Maryland Boxing Legend, over time Nick has risen to one of the fighters in the state and beyond.

As an amateur, Nick claimed 8-time national titles. He was also a member of the USA international Boxing team which competed at the Boxing world championships in Mexico.

Nick’s amateur career ended and he turned Professional at the young age of 18 and currently holds a respectable record of 15-2-1 as a pro.

At the time of this writing, Nick’s the 13th ranked Boxer in the United States. Boxing’s truly his pride and joy, and as much as he loves fighting in the ring he gets just as much joy from teaching others how to Box.

Since joining Team Ivey League in September 2015 it was clear almost from the beginning, Nick was making an impact and that was more than noticeable in the skills of all students who work with him.

Ivey League is quickly becoming the top Boxing Gym in the Annapolis area thanks to Nick and his Dad. Don’t miss your opportunity to become a member of the winning team!

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Here you see Boxing Coach and Fight “Slick” Nick Kisner in action during a professional bout.

Use Boxing to Protect Yourself

Boxing teaches you real self-defense skills, skills that could be very valuable if you or a loved one were to be attacked out on the streets!

Plus, discover how each powerful lesson & workout is strategically laid out to help transform your mind & body into a weapon that’s more than capable of protecting his or her self.

Boxing is a self-defense system first and foremost. Most people see it as a sport but please understand it offers so much more than just a sport.

Our Boxing Class Curriculum covers the basics and uses of a wide variety of techniques using different types of punches and combinations.

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Boxing Student Magnus Benz from Arnold MD is pictured here after winning his fight in Baltimore.


Boxing for Mixed Martial Arts

Did you know that Boxing is the most common style of striking used in professional MMA events like the UFC and OneFC?

Ask any top fighter and they’ll tell you without hesitation, good Boxing skills work wonders in the cage and can make the difference between winning and losing.

If you need to improve your boxing skills to work for MMA, you’ll be right at home in the perfect training environment.

Our coaching staff has plenty of experience preparing students for MMA competition, from the beginner all the way up to UFC Fighter.

You won’t learn techniques that only work in one particular area or might get you hurt in a fight. You’ll learn Boxing skills that can and will carry over into self-defense or MMA.


Your Transformation Starts RIGHT NOW!

Contact us today at (443) 339-8130 and let’s get you started with Boxing training and your FREE 7 DAY TRIAL COURSE.

This trial course is FREE to all new students. It literally cost $0 (Zero!) dollars for you to come in and try out the Boxing Classes.

And even before you try a class we’ll have one of our coaches work with you in private training session designed to take you through the basics, at a pace you can handle.

That’s zero risk on your end. And If you don’t like the classes, or the coaches or anything else, no worries, you can walk away knowing in the back of your mind that you at least gave it a shot.

With so much to gain and nothing to loose you owe it to yourself to give Boxing Classes a try!

Call (443) 339-8130 or fill out the contact form below.

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