New Breed Millersville Results for Ivey League MMA

This past weekend we sent a small team of students to compete at The New Breed Tournament, located just a hop, skip and jump from Ivey League.

We’re lucky to have something so close to compete in. Most of the time we end up driving for hours on end to places like NYC, Virginia Beach and NC.

The New Breed is a smaller, much more local grappling/Jiu Jitsu tournament.

We use tournaments like this more for our beginner level students or those in need of competitive mat time but without the pressure of competing in front of a huge crowd in a venue far away.

Below you’ll find a list of the students who competed at The New Breed and what place they came in (First place winners are in BOLD):

Darrell McKann – 2nd Place
Owen Stern – 1st Place
Ivy Van Warmer – 2nd Place
Alex Ward – 1st Place
Nathan Lamb – 2nd Place
Naomi Johnson – 1st Place
Wayne Ward – 3rd Place
Darryan McKann – 2nd Place
Jude Parker – 1st Place
Kyle Rocke – DNP
Bryan Caprice – DNP
Professor X – DNP
Fin Marano – 2nd Place
Ethan Navarro – 3rd Place
Sean Saunders – 1st Place
Kelly Saunders – 2nd Place
McKenzie Epps – 3rd Place

The standout performance for the day, I call it our “Outstanding Competitor Award”, would have to go to the one and only Miss Naomi Johnson!

Naomi went 5-0 and won both the gi and nogi divisions. Pretty impressive for a young lady with just a year of training under her belt.

Picking the outstanding competitor for the kids is a bit more challenging because we had some really good performances from a few kids.

Owen Stern did great and won using a hard-nosed, grinding type of style, which i totally dig and wished more kids competed like this kid does.

Jude Parker also did great. He used many of the techniques we’ve been working on in the JR’s classes all the way to the top of the podium for first place honors.

Oh and I can’t not talk about my favorite wiseguy (Wisekid i should say) Sean Saunders. Sean had a solid day on the mats, winning by paintbrush in the finals in his first ever tournament.

I’m just going to let the parents decide who the outstanding kid competitor was. It’s too close for me to call.

Obviously we’re happy for those who won their divisions but at the same time we’re proud of the whole team.

It takes guts to compete at an event like New Breed. Anyone who puts it on the line and steps out on the mat has my respect.

Next up for Ivey League will be the NAGA NJ, which takes place on November 18th and 19th. Stay tuned for results from that tournament by checking in at our blog, FaceBook and Myspace Pages, and email inbox.

2017 NAGA Battle at the Beach Results for Ivey League MMA

Most people I talk to don’t care much for the state of New Jersey. Even those who’ve never been don’t like NJ based solely on reputation only.

Me on the other hand, I love NJ. I spent many of my early years training for MMA in NJ. In fact, I did more training in Jersey than in my hometown of Philadelphia.

So NJ is near and dear to my heart for that reason and some others.

At the end of the day, whether you’re a fan of New Jersey or hate the place, Jersey continues to produce some of the best Wrestlers, Boxers, MMA Fighters, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) competitors in the United States and World.

So If you’re looking to test yourself against some of the best and you live within driving distance, be prepared to make lots of trips to Atlantic City, Newark and the place Ivey League called home this past weekend, Wildwood.

We loaded up the vans and made the three hour drive to Wildwood to compete at the Battle at the Beach (BATB).

This is the largest Grappling/BJJ Tournament on the east coast with over 3000 thousand competitors battling it out, and looking for the top spot on the winners podium.

We came to do battle and battle we sure did. Below you’ll find the results for our students. 1st place champions are in bold:

Tierney Gerrity – 1st Place
Jameson Gerrity – 2nd Place
Seton Gerrity – 2nd Place
Teresa Ives – 1st Place
Joe Huggins – DNP
Chrissy Smith – DNP
Michael Garlington – 1st Place
Magnus Benz – 1st Place

Kevin Gerrity – 2nd Place
Finton Moreno – DNP
Darryan McKann – DNP
Darrel McKann – 1st Place
CC Fowler – 2nd Place
Naomi Johnson – 1st Place

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Pictured here is little Tierney after winning her first match in the GI division.

The standout for our adult team none other than Miss Naomi Johnson. Naomi was awesome in her NoGi division and ended up submitting her opponent in the finals via nasty guillotine from the guard.

I can also say that without a doubt taking the Thursday night Wrestling classes made a significant different in terms of takedowns and overall aggressiveness.

For the kids, I’d have to say the one who impressed me the most was 8 year old Tierney Gerrity.

Tierney hadn’t competed in a while so this was step one in her quest to capture grappling glory. Well if Sunday was any indicator of future success, we’ll all be in for a treat.

Tierney looks fantastic on her way to 1st place in the kids 8-9 GI division. She won all three matches by sticking to a smart game plan and avoiding bottom mount.

Next up for our competition team is the DC Open and following that we’ll be down south for the Atlanta Open. Stay tuned!

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Ivey League Co-Owner Teresa Ives after winning the expert division and this sweet championship belt!

Ivey League Results From New Breed/News For July 2017

Sorry for this late-to-the-party blog post but we just wrapped up a Super busy week of summer camp.

After a full day of competing for kids and adults in both Gi and No Gi grappling we are happy to announce we rocked the Newbreed Tournament in Baltimore!

Ivey League took home the overall team title in BOTH Kids and Adults, meaning we won the most points overall in the tournament in both categories. That is awesome!

A big thank you to all who went to support, coach, parent, and compete. Coach Chrissy helped coordinate in addition to competing, so a special shout out to her.

To get more results on how each teammate did, visit our social media sites on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr where we will list out and add more pics of students competing.

While you’re there give us a like or follow and we will be sincerely grateful!

Remember the goal is not necessarily to win Gold (although its important to have a Champion mentality) but rather to gain experience in a competitive environment to help learn, test, and improve.

Up next as a team we are headed to NAGA Wildwood, which is always a favorite to attend. For those looking to share in hotel fees, we have 2 rooms reserved with a few spots left.

Reply here if you want to secure a spot for yourself. The cost for Fri and Sat night will be less than $100/person based on how many people join in. Or meet us there!

Coach Danny will be driving up a group of kids on Sunday for the kids part, adults compete on Saturday.

More details on that competition are available at

Finally, we had a great day with our Sensi Sainjargalyn practicing more technique and in adult class we discussed the different names of the moves we are working on.

Teammate Chris Houck shared a very helpful website for reference for anyone who would like some help with these moves to remember what they are called at

Thanks for reading up and see you all tomorrow!

Take care, Mrs. Teresa

Results from the Smoker Fights at Crazy 88 on June 12th, 2017

While most people were out and about enjoying time at the beach, we here at Ivey League preferred to spend time battling it out inside a boxing ring, with our friends from sister school, Crazy 88 MMA, in Elkridge.

We sent some up and coming fighters to take part in what’s called a “Smoker” event, or smoker fights.

These are fights that take place at someone’s gym and don’t count for wins or losses.

Experience is the name of the game when it comes to smoker fights and that’s exactly what these guys and gals needed.

It gives newer fighters the chance to compete in a ring, against someone they don’t know, in a different environment, in front of a good-sized crowd.

These types of events are invaluable when it comes to grooming these beginner level fighters and helping them along so that when the time comes to fight in a big event they’ll be ready.

You learn so much from smoker fights while at the same time not having to deal with all the pressure of fighting in a big venue, under the bright lights where winning is a big deal.

The following students fought with skill, heart and class:

Greece Tziamourani
Hannah Goldman
Jason Ligget
Jarrod Dixon
Matt Creel
Joe Coggiano
Lydia Bruno
Mark David

I don’t have time to write detail for detail how each fight played out but I did manage to write a few things.

Just know that I’m proud of each and every fighter who stepped into the ring.

That’s something 99.9% of people would never have the guts to do. I respect anyone willing to step up to the plate and do this and you should too.

The Women Were Awesome and Totally Stole the Show

Without a doubt, when the dust settled it ended up being the ladies who shined the most.

Greece Tziamourani, Hannah Goldman and Lydia Bruno all fought their hearts out and left everything in the ring.

Greece (That’s her nickname because her real name is pretty much impossible to pronounce) was outstanding.

She used lots of body shots, good head movement and footwork to control the fight and her opponent.

Seeing Greece do so well was really special for me because it wasn’t that long ago this same girl came to us scared and in search of help because of bullies at school.

She wanted to learn how to defend herself and maybe one day fight.

Well, I think it’s safe to say based on last Saturday she’s more than capable of defending herself, and indeed can not only fight, but fight well 🙂

And just like Greece, Hannah Goldman came to Ivey League not long ago, knowing absolutely nothing about fighting or how to fight.

It didn’t take long for me to realize Hannah was the real deal and would one day fight. It turns out that one day was last Saturday.

Hannah was originally supposed to fight in April in Va Beach but had to pull out due to a rib injury.

I’ll be honest I wasn’t even sure she’d be healed up in time to fight at Crazy 88.

However, after a few “Test” rounds sparring, using myself as the guinea pig (She beat the crap outta me FYI), the rib wasn’t an issue anymore and I cleared her to fight.

Needless to say she was pretty excited 🙂

Hannah did fantastic in what turned out to be pretty much an old-school Philly brawl.

Both girls traded shots to the head and body from the start of round one till the final bell in round three at a pace that would give most people a heart attack.

How they kept up that pace I have no idea. I got tired just from watching them.

I think what made the difference for Hannah was her ability to control the distance, using her long reach, and using the ring to her favor in numerous ways.

Last but certainly not least was 105 pound firecracker Lydia Bruno.

Lydia came to Ivey League through Coach Nick, our Boxing Instructor.

Right away everyone loved Lydia and the positive attitude she brings to the room.

What I really like about Lydia is she’s very detail oriented and uses a very smooth, fluid style of Boxing.

Lydia was matched up with an opponent of similar skill and experience, which worked out well for both girls.

The fight ended up being really fun to watch, with lots of good technical skills being shown throughout.

Lydia (And her opponent) used good head movement, a good jab and quick in and out movement throughout the fight.

It went all three rounds and those in attendance loved every second of it, myself included.

I can’t take credit for the way our girls performed. Coaches Danny and Nick Kisner deserve a lot of praise because they spent countless hours working with all three girls.

Also big thanks to our Kickboxing coaches and those who helped work the corners including Scott Keller, Al Craveling, Joe Huggins, Thor Davis and Cungle Bassard.

All in all it was a great day of action-packed fights, from both men and women. Thanks so much to Crazy 88, in particular Julius Park and Aung La, for hosting us.

Next up for the fight team is Boxing I believe on July 22nd. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on that and other events in the near future.

Oh and before I forget, our favorite Heavyweight Jeff “Final Destination” Blachly makes his return to the cage on July 28th in Columbus Ohio. Stay tuned for results by checking our FaceBook Page, this blog and your email inbox.

News, Events, Fights, Belt Tests & Tournaments for Ivey League MMA

Okay well, I finally got a chance to sit down and breath after what turned out to be a very busy April and most of May.

I thought now might be a good time to write this blog post and talk about news, events, fights and tournaments related to Ivey League MMA.

Keeping students informed and up to date continues to be a priority we are working on here at Ivey League, so thanks for reading this email to be “in the know”.

First up – big congrats are in order for Coaches Thor Davis and Joe Huggins, who both won their MMA Fights in dynamic fashion.

Thor scored a 2nd round TKO from strikes on the feet and Joe “Huggy Bear” came through in the clutch with a TKO victory in the 3rd via punches from the mount.

On April 22nd we also sent a team down to the smoker fights in Virginia Beach at sister school OutFox MMA. The following students fought with heart and skill from start to finish:

Mark David (Won by KO in the 2nd Round)
Carson Chambers
Jarrod “Cyclops” Dixon
Matt Hawkins

Matt Hawkins, our favorite meathead, ended up winning fight of the night honors in what Miss Teresa appropriately called “Bro Down 2017”.

Another note of congratulations… Long time students and great people Nicole Mayes and Alex Peralta got engaged! Bout time says this guy….congrats you crazy kids.

Now on to Upcoming Events:

For competitors and fans, we have the following quickly approaching to mark on your calendars.

Next up for the fight team will be the smokers at Crazy 88 MMA in Elkridge. So far the following students are slated to either make their ring debut or return to the spotlight:

Matt Creel
Joe Coggiano
Hannah Goldman
Lydia Bruno
Mark David
Jarrod Dixon
Greece Tziamourani
Magnus Benz
Michael Garlington

If you’re interested in fighting, now or in the future, please make an appointment to come see me (Coach Danny) soon. Students must meet certain criteria to participate in events like these.

We are interested in your best development, so we have to ensure you are ready and are fully aware of how to compete.

Those who are not competing are of course encouraged to join us to cheer them on. The event will be on June 10, time to be determined soon.

Check out our Facebook or Instagram pages to get the latest info on that and everything else we are up to.

IBJJF Washington DC is really, finally happening in September so be sure to talk with Coach Chris Kim about potentially signing up to compete in what will be the first time ever IBJJF has come to this part of the United States.

Registration has opened, discounts for early enrollment are active, and it is likely to sell out so get moving!

Additionally, we will travel with the kids competition team to Atlanta for the first East Coast IBJJF ever. That is a combo tournament for kids and adults just after the DC one.

Thus kid and adult competitors who are interested in Atlanta should also speak to Coach Chris Kim about general questions, and see Coach Chrissy Smith or Teresa for details on travel and registration arrangements. Remember that kids must be on the Kids Competition Team to get approval to compete.

We’re not done!!! Here are some more cool events and news…

We have some Holidays to consider for your planning.

Monday May 29th is Memorial Day. We will be closed for all programs except OPEN GYM for members to train on their own from 11:00am – 1:00pm.

Tuesday July 4th is Independence Day. We will be completely closed for all programs including Summer Camp.

Next up, Kids stripe belt testing takes place on the following days and times:

Stripe tests = During class on either Wed 5/24 or Thur 5/25.

Belt Tests = Sat June 3rd at 1:30pm (ALL WEIGHTS & AGES COMBINED)

Additional stripe and belt tests will continue through the summer and year, check out the bulletin board upstairs for all the details.

Summer Camp starts in a few weeks. If you haven’t confirmed a spot for your child(ren) please do so ASAP as space will be extremely limited this year! AACPS gets out June 8th.

We’ll continue all classes during the summer, but our legendary camp will begin officially on June 12.

Coach Dave Miller will be home to see everyone in July. Dave’s been on deployment since January and everyone misses the world’s most sadistic strength and conditioning coach so be sure to say hi.

Be sure to check out the official IL FaceBook and Instagram Page and stay up to date with the latest news and developments. Remember, each day you check in and come to show us in office Room L3, we will give you a free water or gatorade to say thank you.

Have a super fantastic day!

–Coach Danny

Muay Thai Kickboxing Seminar by Kru Jose Villarisco on 3/18/17

This is just a friendly blog post reminding everyone about our upcoming Kickboxing Seminar with Kru Jose Villarisco on March 18th.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn a bunch of new skills from one of the best coaches in the world.

I talked to Kru Jose on the phone yesterday and he wanted me to let everyone know that he plans on showing his best techniques, the really good “Secret Ninja” stuff.

And just so everyone knows, there’s no sparring at this seminar. The focus will be 100% on drilling. You won’t get beat up, punched in the face or have to spar/fight someone.

I just wanted to make that clear for those who weren’t sure about that. Okay with that said, below you’ll find a short list of skills and techniques Kru Jose plans on teaching on 3/18:

Setting up your kicks for pinpoint accuracy
Punch combos that KO would-be attackers
Elbows that cut like a buzzsaw
Knees, outside and from in close
Kru’s famous “Alligator” low kick

That’s some solid stuff for sure. Shoot man if you just learned the Alligator kick and nothing else, it’d still be worth your time and investment.

This seminar is open to all levels, including novice level students who’re new to kickboxing and martial arts training in general. You’ll be fine don’t worry.

Feel free to work at your own pace. If you need a break and would rather hang back and watch for a bit, that’s okay too.

Are seminars worth the time and effort it takes to attend?

I had someone come up to me the other day and ask if i thought seminars were really worth the time and investment?

My answer is yes, 100% yes, seminars are absolutely worth the time and investment. I recommend taking as many seminars as possible actually.

I know for me personally, seminars helped me so much in my career, especially in my early years as a new white and blue belt.

I always blocked out days and times to attend seminars related to subjects I wanted to learn more about.

Think about it, even if you learn just one new technique that you’re able to add in and use for many years down the road, than you got your money’s worth and then some.

I remember taking a $50 Jiu Jitsu seminar back in 1996 at a small karate dojo in Yardley Pennsylvania.

It was at that seminar I was introduced to the butterfly guard sweep series, which at that time was big new thing.

That ended up being the best $50 dollars I ever invested because still to this very day I use those same techniques, over 21 years later.

And if I hadn’t gone to that seminar I might never have learned what ended up being my #1 sweep series from the guard.

So come on out and take this seminar. Learn as much as you can from Kru Jose, ask questions, bring a notebook and write stuff down.

Even if you learn just one new thing that helps you get better, it’s worth it. Totally worth it.

All the information needed to attend can be found below:

Event: Kickboxing Seminar with Kru Jose Villarisco

Date: Saturday, March 18th, 2017

Where: Ivey League MMA 1517 Ritchie HWY Arnold MD

Time: 10am till 12noon. 2 hours total

Training Gear Needed: Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards and Ivey League T-Shirt

Investment: $30 for CAP?BBC Members, $35 for Fundamentals and $40 for Non Members

You can RSVP by emailing us, calling (443) 339-8130 or just stop by the office next time you’re in for class.

I look forward to a bunch of smiling students and friends 03/18…can’t wait 🙂

Have a super fantastic day!

–Coach Danny Ives

Muay Thai Kickboxing Seminar With Kru Jose Villarisco on March 18th 2017

I’m super excited to announce our next seminar here at Ivey League MMA featuring World Renowned Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor Kru Jose Villarisco!

This event takes place on Saturday March 18th 2017 and will focus on various Kickboxing skills such as proper punching, elbows, kneeing and kicking techniques.

Kru Jose coached me for over 10 years when I was actively fighting and to this very day I still consider him to be the best Kickboxing Coach I’ve worked with, hands down. He’s just that good.

These days Kru Jose runs his MMA Academy in Virginia Beach which has produced a number of successful fighters in both Kickboxing and MMA events.

What makes Kru Jose unique is his teaching style and the way he breaks down the smallest details in a way that even a guy with two left feet could understand and do.

He’s just got a gift, and that gift is his ability to train champions. Just come to this seminar and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Some of the topics Kru Jose plans to cover during the seminar include:

Elbow attacks
Knees from the Outside position
The “Crocodile” Kick (It’s Brutal I kid you not)
Unique Striking Combinations perfect for the ring, cage or the streets!

It’s going to be a great time with lots of cool and fun techniques being shown. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from a coach of Jose’s caliber.

Oh and before I forget, Beginner Students are 100% Welcome and encouraged to attend this event!

This seminar is perfect for students of all levels, beginners all the way up to the advanced fighter.

Even if you’re out of shape and brand new to martial arts, you’ll still benefit greatly from this seminar.

You can work at your own pace, a pace you’re able to handle. And if you need a break to catch your breath or whatever that’s totally fine, Ivey League is a judgement free zone so no worries at all.

Kids are also encouraged to attend this seminar. The more the merrier. It’s open to anyone and everyone interested in Kickboxing/MMA/Self-Defense. Men, women, and kids.

All the information you’ll need to attend this event is right below:

Muay Thai Kickboxing Seminar w/ Kru Jose Villarisco
Where: Ivey League MMA
When: Saturday, March 18th, 2017
Start and End Time: 10am-12noon (2 hours)
Cost: $30 for CAP/BBC Students/ $35 for Fundamental Students / $40 for Non-Members of IL
Equipment Needed: Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards and Ivey League T-Shirt

To Sign Up for this event and save your spot you can do the following: You can RSVP by emailing us at [email protected], you can call us at (443) 339-8130 or just stop by the office next time you’re in for class and let us know you’d like to take the seminar.

Okay well I think that covers everything. If I missed anything or whatever please let me know by leaving a comment below.

And if you’ve got questions about this seminar or need more information definitely don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help like always 🙂

I look forward to seeing everyone at this seminar. Have a super fantastic day!

–Coach Danny

Pan Kids 2017 Results

Those looking for the toughest kids BJJ/grappling competition in the world come to one place and one place only, Pan Kids.

Pan Kids features the best kids competing in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ for Short). So for anyone looking to become the best of the best and claim bragging rights, Pan Kids is the top of the mountain.

Over the years we’ve sent different teams of kids out to California to compete at Pan Kids. Ivey League was the first school in Maryland to take part in Pan Kids, back in 2010.

Since that time our overall medal count has been:

Gold – 5
Silver – 5
Bronze – 3

Considering we’re just a small martial arts school in Arnold Maryland that’s not a bad medal count at all. Not only that but our kids don’t focus exclusively on BJJ either like most places.

Our kids work on a combination of BJJ, Kickboxing, Judo, Wrestling and Boxing throughout the week. Almost all successful BJJ Kids Teams work on BJJ twice a day, 5-6 days a week.

I’m a big believer that’s it’s not the time you put in, but what you put into the time that matters most. Our results have proven that.

Unlike the past years, for 2017 Pan Kids we sent just one kid to compete, 14 year old Magnus Benz.

We only those we feel have put in the time training hard in the room and have raked up enough victories on the local tournament circuit and earned the right to compete at such a prestigious event.

Magnus earned his way to California the hard way, by battling it out in all the local and regional tournaments like the NAGA, Good Fight, New Breed and IBJJF.

Magnus started the day by defeating a former 2x Pan Kids Champion in the first round. That win was huge for Magnus as his opponent was definitely no pushover.

He followed that up with a victory in the semifinals over another talented kid by way of kimura. That win placed him into the finals.

Magnus gave it his all in the finals but came up short, losing an exciting and very close 2-0 match. Congrats to his opponent as he was the better man on that day.

And I’d like to point this out, even though Magnus didn’t win at the same time, he put forth one heck of an effort, gained invaluable experience and learned a ton.

I’m proud of the kid and I look forward to witnessing his future success, both on the BJJ mats and out in the real world.

Next up for the Ivey League Competition Team is MMA Fights this weekend in Delaware followed by The New Breed BJJ/Grappling Tournament on April 1st.

Stay tuned! Oh and check out some pics of Magnus I posted below.

Magnus shows off his skills in route to winning the adult division at The Good Fight.

Winning in the semis at Pan Kids 2017.

NAGA Broomall Results for Ivey League MMA

Mouth won the adult blue belt division despite only being only 15 years old.

Pennsylvania’s a great state, I should know, it produced me lol. I love my home state and whenever the chance presents itself with events like the NAGA, I take advantage.

This past weekend we took a team of students up to Broomall Pennsylvania for the NAGA Grappling/BJJ Tournament.

Our team consisted of both seasoned competitors as well as first timers. Beginner or advanced, everyone came ready to battle it out for top honors.

Both adults, kids and teens all competed on the same day (Saturday) and believe me, it ended up being a long long day the coaching staff. And by coaching staff I mean Miss Chrissy and I.

IMO the MVA student of the day for teens goes to either Michael Garlington or Jacob Rosenblaum, with both claiming gold medals in their respective divisions.

Our MVA for the little kids was without a doubt Brody “Warlock” Gallant, who snagged double gold medals in Gi and NoGi divisions.

And for the adults, Big Man Ed Hunt looked awesome and showed a much improved skills on his way to taking silver in NoGi and gold in Gi.

This event was packed! The picture says it all.

I’d like to go on and on about everyone’s performance but sadly I don’t have that kind of time. Just know we’re super proud of everyone who took part and win or lose, progress has been made!

Below are full results for Ivey League MMA. First place finishers are in BOLD:.

Brody Gallant – 1st
CC Fowler – 1st
CJ Monger – 1st
Magnus Benz – 1st
Naomi Johnson – 1st
Matt Hawkins – 1st
Mark David – 1st
Ed Hunt – 1st

Tony Grinavic – DNP
Jacob Rosenblaum – 1st
Patrick Ellis – 1st
Michael Garlington – 1st

Fin Marano – 2nd
Owen Stern – 1st
Tobias Cunningham – 3rd
Gavin Saumenig – 3rd
Jameson Gerrity – DNP
McKenzie Epps – 2nd
Isabella Pegrino – 2nd
Robbie Ballinger – 3rd
Ivy Vanwormer – 2nd

Next up for IL is The Good Fight in Langhorne PA on March 11th. Oh and before I forget, Joe Huggins and Danny Mahoney both fight on Feb 25th at Stellar Fights in Del.

See below for more great pics from the NAGA.

Patrick E. from Severna Park also made out well in PA.

Brody G from Arnold looked rock solid on his way to double gold honors.

Good Fight Tournament Results for Ivey League MMA

It’s rare for us to have a grappling/BJJ tournament right in our own backyard. More often than not we end up driving a team either to NJ or down to places like Virginia Beach and Florida.

We got lucky this time because The Good Fight Tournament held it’s event right in Severn Maryland, a stone’s throw away from us here in Arnold.

The Good Fight is a smaller, local tournament circuit that holds events most on the upper east coast. We’ve been sending students to compete for a while and we know the guys who run it pretty well.

This particular tournament featured matches in the “No Time Limit” format. That means matches go until someone gets the tap out. Some of these matches can last for hours, I’ve seen it many times.

Competing under these rules can be extra challenging and good cardio is a must for success. Good cardio and for many it also means making adjustments to your game plan and match tactics.

Thankfully our students have always thrived in this type of submission only tournament. The style we teach here at IL seems to translate well and because of this, our winning percentage for submission only events is really high.

Our team this past Saturday consisted of the following Ivey League Students (How they placed also included):

Frank Speaks – Silver
Michael Garlington – Double Gold
Sean Garlington – Bronze
Magnus Benz – Gold
CJ Monger – DNP
Hannah Goldman – Bronze

mike garlington jiu jitsu maryland

Mr. Garlington snagged another pair of gold medals to add to his growing collection.

Everyone had fun and did well, which is always a plus. For students like Hannah and CJ, just being able to get that experience competing in front of a crowd makes it totally worth the time.

For others, like Micheal “Mouth” Garlington, it’s just another day at the office and one more tournament leading up to Pan-Ams in March. No matter what, seasoned competitor or new to the tournament scene, great times were had.

The standout performance for the day was without a doubt 14 year old Magnus “Magneto” Benz.

Magnus looked like his old self out on the mats, winning match after match using an in-your-face, aggressive style that when combined with his solid technical skills, was too much for his opponents to handle.

I’d like to point out that he won the adult white belt division, competing against grown men in their 20’s and 30’s, at just 14 years old. That’s pretty impressive for a kid his age to pull off.

Next up for Magnus will be either Pan-Kids in California or NAGA NJ. I’d really like to see the Magnus I saw at Good Fight make a return in the very near future..stay tuned.

good fight grappling tournament

Standout Competitor Magnus Benz Brings Back The Gold Medal at The Good Fight Tournament

Next up for Ivey League is the Atlanta Open on February 4th and on the same day, the PA NAGA. We follow that up with the most high level kids tournament in the world, Pan-Kids.

Be sure to check back to this blog for the latest news and events related to IL.

ivy league mix martial arts in arnold maryland

Hannah Goldman Came Back With a Bronze Medal in Her First Grappling Tournament.

grappling gyms in annapolis

Purple Belt Frank Speaks Came in 2nd Place at The Good Fight on 01/21/17

2016 Holiday Break Open Gym Training Dates/Times Announced

This week Ivey League is closed for all regularly scheduled classes and programs. However, just because we’re closed for classes during the break doesn’t mean we’re totally closed for everything.

That’s why we offer what’s called “open gym”. Open gym meaning the training facility here at Ivey League, including the weight room, mats, punching bags etc will be open for students to use at their own discretion.

You’re more than welcome to come in during open gym times and do stuff like work the punching bag, lift weights, run/walk on the treadmills or do some drilling with a partner.

**To attend open gym you must be a current member of Ivey League or on a 7-day free trial pass.**

Below you’ll find our Open Gym training times during the holiday break at Ivey League:

Monday 12/26/16 from 5pm to 7pm
Wednesday 12/28/16 from 11am to 1pm
Saturday 12/31/16 from 11am to 1pm

Keep in mind that starting in January we’ll be unveiling our new and improved class schedule. Keep an eye out for that sometime this week.

Enjoy the holiday break and we look forward to seeing everyone either at one of the open gym workouts or in back in class come the new year!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar w/ Roman Ryazanov on January 7th, 2017

It’s been a minute since we last hosted a seminar/training workshop here at Ivey League. And by minute I mean like 4 or 5 months.

With that in mind I thought we’d kick off 2017 with a super sick BJJ seminar taught by my good friend Mr. Roman Ryazanov, who’s visiting from Russia and was kind enough to carve out some time to work with us.

This seminar takes place on Saturday January 7th, 2017.

Back in Russia, Roman lives with his wife and together they run a martial arts academy specializing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or “BJJ” for short.

Roman is one of the best BJJ Fighters in Russia with many gold medals to his name. Trust me, this dudes a wrecking machine.

He’s got that rare combination of super technique, really explosive and freakishly strong. And like all Russian fighters he’s tough as nails too.

But as tough as Roman is, he’s also a really nice guy with a big heart. He loves helping people though martial arts and also excels as a teacher of his particular craft of hand to hand combat.

That’s Roman on the right sporting somewhat of a smile 🙂

A few of our morning students got to work with Roman first hand back in the summer and they’ll tell you, he teaches some really cool, highly effective stuff.

This is a great chance to learn some new tricks from a guy with plenty of cool tricks up his sleeve.

This seminar is perfect for all skill levels (Beginners are 100% welcome) and both kids and adults are more then welcome to attend.

All the information you need can be found right below. I highly recommend taking advantage of this seminar and the knowledge Roman has to share. It’s a wise investment I assure you.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar Featuring Coach Roman Ryazanov
When: Saturday January 7th, 2017
Start and end time: 10am-12noon (2 hours)
Skill Level: All levels including complete beginners are encouraged to attend
Cost: $20 For CAP/BBC – $25 For Basics Members – $30 for non-members of IL
Gear Needed: Full BJJ or Judo Gi (Uniform) including top, bottom and belt

There’s a few ways for you to sign up to take this seminar. First would be to call us (443) 339-8130. Option #2 would be via email at [email protected]

And last but not least would be just to stop in during normal business hours or before your next class and we’ll get you all taken care of.

We look forward to a great seminar with a bunch of awesome students. I’ll see you there 😉

Have a super duper fantastic day!

–Coach Danny

News, Events and Holiday Hours For Ivey League MMA

The holiday season is here and with it we’ve got news related to tournaments, MMA fights, events and hours of operation.

Let’s start with the upcoming holiday hours and schedule for classes.

For this week we’ll be running on the normal schedule Monday through Thursday.

On Friday (12/23) we’ll be holding all day after school services starting at 8am as well as open gym all day long. However, there will be no classes for kids or adults, just open gym.

We’ll be closed from Saturday the 24th of December until the first of the new year and re-opening on the 2nd of January, which falls on a Monday.

Again, Ivey League will be closed from 12/24/16 through 01/01/17 for all classes and programs including after school.

Just because we’re closed doesn’t mean work isn’t getting done. Our staff we be here working round the clock on program development and maintenance/upgrades to the training facility.

We plan to host some training sessions during the break so if you’re interested in that please check our official Facebook and Google Plus pages daily for updates on that.

Kids In-House Tournament a HUGE SUCCESS!

On Saturday, December 3th we hosted our 3nd annual Kids In-House BJJ/Grappling Tournament.

This year we put the responsibility of planning and organizing the event in the hands of our newly appointed Chief Kids Instructor Chrissy Smith.

I assure you and anyone who’s run one of these events will also tell you, running a successful kids tournament is a TON OF WORK!

Miss Chrissy did a wonderful job and when the dust settled, it turned out to be the best event yet. Without her, I’m convinced we couldn’t have pulled this off. Thanks Chrissy!

65 kids took to the mats to show their stuff and we ended up having a solid turnout from teams in not just Maryland but also Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Thanks so much to the following teams who came out to take part:

York Mixed Martial Arts – Coached George McGinnis
Crazy 88 – Coached Vannessa Griffin
Team Lloyd Irvin – Coached by Donnie Achnick
Outfox MMA – Coached by CJ Huguley
Ivey League – Coached by Chrissy Smith

Our super excited kids that took to the mat for the in-house tournament on December 3rd.

Jeff Blachly Made His Return to the Cage at CFFC

Jeff made his long awaited return to the cage and unfortunately things didn’t work out the way we’d hoped.

Jeff fought his heart out against the always tough Chris Daukas but came up short losing a 3 round decision on all three judges scorecards.

When you’re fighting at the pro level anything can happen and everyone you fight is a good. That’s what separates the men from the boys.

We plan to learn from this loss and come back stronger in the very near future.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted and if the cards fall right Jeff could be back in the cage as soon as February 2017.

That does it for news. If you’ve got any questions, feedback or whatnot, please email them to us at [email protected].

–Coach Danny Ives
Owner and Head Instructor of Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts
1517 Ritchie Hwy #1,
Arnold, MD 21012
(443) 339-8130

Ivey League Students Shine in MMA, Boxing & Grappling This Past Weekend

To say this past weekend was big for Ivey League would be an understatement that’s for sure. We had students fighting in both MMA and Boxing events as well as competing in Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

All in all we went 3-0 in fights and snagged numerous medals at the NAGA Tournament in NJ. Definitely one of our more successful weekends, and as a coach I couldn’t be prouder.

NAGA NJ Tournament Results

I’ll start off talking about those who took to the grappling mats at the NAGA. We sent a small team of 5 youth students and produced the following results:

Michael Garlington – Double Gold
Mackenzie Epps – Double Silver
Fin Moreno – Gold, Silver
Jacob Miller – DNP
CC Fowler – Double Silver

Everyone did great and this is only the start of bigger and better things to come. Outstanding Wrestler “OW” award goes to the hardest working kid I know, Michael “Mouth” Garlington.

Mouth won all his matches with relative ease. In fact, he made it look so easy that one of the fathers accused Mouth of sandbagging and being too skilled for the other kids competing.

I find this funny for a number of different reasons but mainly because Mouth won the highest skill division the event had to offer! God what a sore loser that dad was, I’m guessing the poor guy just needs a hug lol.

Next up for the kids team will be the Ivey League In-House Tournament on December 3rd. Stay tuned for results on that.

On top once again, Michael Garlington of Arnold MD

On top once again, Michael Garlington of Arnold MD

Magnus Benz continues his quest for Boxing greatness

14 year old standout Magnus Benz took to the ring in his ongoing quest for Boxing superstardom and came back with a hard fought “W”.

Thanks to the outstanding tutelage provided by Coach Nick Kisner, Magnus has improved each time he steps into the ring and it definitely showed on Saturday night.

Using a pressure style and lots of good, solid defensive tactics, Magnus overwhelmed his opponent and dominated the fight. Congrats to Magnus, Nick and the always supportive dad, Mr. Frank Benz on a nice victory!

Magnus right after his win with Coach Nick Kisner

Magnus right after his win with Coach Nick Kisner

From Ring to Cage, Danny Mahoney and Joe Huggins Make Well

Brothers from other mothers Danny Mahoney and Joe Huggins trained their tails off for their MMA fights and when the bell rang there was little doubt they’d do well.

Joe ended up kicking off the entire event as fight #1. Round 1 started off a bit shaky I do admit, with Joe getting picked up and slammed to the canvas pretty hard.

Thankfully Joe’s BJJ training paid off as he was able to control the fight from his back and took little to no damage from his opponent. The round ended with Joe going for an armbar from his guard against the cage.

Round 2 was a very different story. After his opponent missed a few punches, Joe closed the distance and secured a single leg takedown off the cage wall.

Once on top Joe got the mount and rained down heavy punches, forcing his opponent to roll belly down, exposing his neck which Joe took full advantage of and was able to finsh the fight using using the old standby, the Rear Naked Choke. Congrats Joe AKA Huggy Bear!

Danny Mahoney was up at Fight 7 and as it turned out, facing a very game opponent from my hometown of Philadelphia. It ended up being a very exciting fight, with lots of back and forth exchanges both on the feet and on the mat.

Danny used good footwork and head movement to avoid a bunch of attacks like overhand rights and head kicks. Danny did his best work in rounds 1 and 2, using some really slick transitions to score takedowns off the cage.

The fight ended up going all three round and In the end Danny’s experience definitely showed, earning him a unanimous decision victory. I really have to give Danny’s opponent a lot of credit cause this kid came to fight and showed no fear at all.

This was a great weekend for Ivey League and the results show that. Thanks so much to not only those who fought their hearts out but also to our many great students and fans who made the drive and supported us.

I’m very lucky to be surrounded by so many great people here at Ivey League. This is how a team is supposed to look and act. You guys seriously rock!

–Coach Danny
P.S. See below for fight pics. Huge thanks to Coaches Brandon Davis, Scott Keller, Dave Miller, Chrissy Smith, Nick Kisner, and Paul Greenhill.

Danny Mahoney receives instructions from Master Paul Greenhill and Brandon Davis in between rounds.

Danny Mahoney receives instructions from Master Paul Greenhill and Brandon Davis in between rounds.

Hand Wrapping Master Scott Keller goes to work on Huggy Bear's prized weapons.

Hand Wrapping Master Scott Keller goes to work on Huggy Bear’s prized weapons.

Much thanks to our little helper at the fights, Olivia Costello.

Much thanks to our little helper at the fights, Olivia Costello.

NAGA PA Grappling Tournament Results for Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts


Okay I admit this blog post is late, like almost 2 weeks overdue. I’ve got no excuse this time. I just played the waiting game and took too long getting this written. My bad.

Anyway on to the news. On Saturday, October 5th we sent a team of competitors up to Pennsylvania to compete at the NAGA Grappling Tournament. In the past we’ve always gone to this event. The level is good and it’s not that far of a drive, simple enough.

Before I go any further I’d just like to state for the record that while all NAGA events are tough, this particular one showcased the highest level kids I’ve seen on the east coast, by far.

The level for the adults was good also. It’s nice to see these other east coast teams building their programs and getting better and better. Just a quick list of the teams I thought really stepped it up were:

Ground Control
Top Flight MMA
Renzo Gracie NYC
Martinez BJJ

Better teams competing only helps make us and everyone competing against good teams better. What’s the saying again? “A high tide raises all boats”, yeah that’s sounds about right.

How did Ivey League MMA do at the NAGA?

I’m happy to say that for the most part, we ended up with good results. We did take some losses, but being that this was the first tournament of the season I’m overall happy with what I saw, especially if you take into account Ivey League’s just a small school tucked away in Arnold MD.

So at the very least I got a chance to watch most of the matches and can now use that information to help steer the program in the right direction going into the fall and winter training months.

See below for a list of those who competed from Ivey League and how they did. First place champions are in BOLD:

Mouth Garlington – 1st
Gavin “Gmoney” Saumenig – 2nd
CJ Monger – 1st
Ed Hunt – 1st
Matt Hawkins – 1st

Joe “Huggy Bear” Huggins – 3rd
Jacob Miller – 1st
Jacob Rosenbloom – 1st

Scarface McKann – 3rd
Brody Gallant – 3rd
Mackenzie Epps – 1st
CC Fowler – 2nd
Logan Cates – 3rd
Bella Cates – 3rd
Fin Morano – 3rd
Leo Gray – 2nd
Darryelle McKann – 3rd
Isabella Peguero – 2nd
Danny Mahoney – 1st place

mma gyms

Pictured here from left to right is Gavin, Matt Hawkins, Jacob R and in the middle is Jacob M.

Due to time constraints, a hectic schedule and my two finger typing skills, I only had time to write a few stories that highlighted certain students who had outstanding performances. I wish I could write something for everyone cause my students are awesome.

Jacob “Juji” Miller

Longtime student and former Pan Kids Champion Jacob Miller was a beast at the NAGA. He won two matches against very challenging opponents from highly regarded Yamasaki Academy.

Jacob’s mat awareness and solid positioning was key in his first match, and it wasn’t an easy match, this kid was tough. At one point late in the match the kid got onto Jacob’s back and it wasn’t looking good for us.

This is where experience kicks in. Jacob stayed calm and slowly worked his way out from the back take, got back on top and scored the points needed to win the match and advance him into the finals.

His opponent in the finals was also well known for being a fierce competitor. I was thinking this was gonna be repeat of the first match, you know, another all-out rumble.

It didn’t go like that at all to my surprise. Jacob caught his opponent early in the match with my favorite technique, the cement mixer. Jacob nailed the cement mixer off a takedown transition and used that to step over into mount and seconds later, ended the match via belly-down guillotine choke.

That move and the way he pulled it off, SICK! I’ve gotta say this is the best Jacob’s looked in some time. I’m happy to see him back where he likes to be, at the top of the podium in 1st place.

Jacob Rosenbloom

Another kid in our program also named Jacob is Jacob Rosenbloom. Jacob literally just got into our BBC program a week ago and decided to give competing a try despite his lack of experience.

I knew this kid would do well. I’d seen him working hard in the training room and just from the few times I’d talked with him I could tell he had the right kind of attitude for success.

That winning attitude snagged Jacob top honors in both gi and nogi divisions. Not bad at all considering this was his first competition.

His matches were won using strong fundamental skills and controlling the pace. He showed composure fair beyond the level he’s at. Keep an eye on this kid, trust me if he sticks with us and follows the system, he’s going to be a hammer in the very near future.

Mackenzie Epps

Young Mackenzie, or as I like to call her, Mac and Cheese, had a very good day as well. Just like Jacob Rosenbloom, Mackenzie’s new to the BJJ/Grappling Tournament world, what she lacks in experience she more then makes up for with a good attitude and a solid work ethic in the practice room.

She was very coachible in her matches and did exactly what Miss Chrissy said. She ended up placing 1st in nogi and 2nd with the gi. For a kid with only limited training under her belt that’s pretty impressive. Give this goofy little girl some time and she’ll be a real force on the kids grappling circuit.

Edward Hunt

It wasn’t just the kids who did well at the NAGA. Our adult students made a few waves of their own and my main man BIG Ed Hunt was all business on the mats.

Everyone’s been waiting for Ed to start competing for a while now, so I was pretty excited he made the drive to Broomall.

Ed didn’t disappoint. He placed first in his nogi division and did so using a wide variety of techniques that when combined with his athleticism and explosiveness, made him extremely difficult for his opponents to handle.

Hopefully this is the first of many more grappling tournaments (maybe even MMA) for Ed Hunt. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Overall Ivy League had a good showing. Big high five to new head of the kids program, Miss Chrissy Smith as she did a wonderful job coaching the kids. Also big thanks for Master Donnie Achnick for his help coaching both kids and adults.

Next up is the NAGA NJ on November 19th and on the same day we’ve got Joe Huggins, Matt Hawkins and Danny Mahoney all fighting MMA in Delaware. Be sure to check back to this blog for results.

For the most up to date news and results your best bet would be our FaceBook page. Click here to check out the official Ivey League FaceBook Page. Just click “Like” and you’ll be good to go 🙂

ivy league mix martial arts

Our little buddy Brody G from Arnold placed 2nd in his division. Good job kid!

Ivey League News and Upcoming Events for September 2016

September like always is a busy month for us here at Ivey League. Lot’s of new students checking out the different types of classes offered as well as current students competing in various things like grappling tournaments, Boxing and MMA Fights and so on.

Let’s start with news from the first 16 days of September.

Last night students Magnus Benz and Joe Huggins fought their hearts out in the Boxing Ring up at Michael’s 8th avenue in Glen Burnie. Joe AKA “Huggy Bear”, won by TKO in a fight that finally showcased Huggy’s raw speed and power.

It was really nice to see Huggy let loose and use his skills. He ended up dropping his opponent early in round 3 with a body punch we call a “Shovel”.

His opponent was cleared to keep on fighting but was stopped a second time shortly after with the same punch as before but with the other hand.

And that was that. The ref called the bout off and Huggy was awarded the TKO victory by way of body shots. We couldn’t be happier for such a hard working young man.

Magnus was the fight right after Huggy’s. Magnus did well but unfortunately in this business, well isn’t always enough to win.

He fought hard but came up short in a 3 round decision loss to a very game opponent from Fairfax VA. I had Magnus losing the first round, with the second round pretty close and Magnus winning the third.

It’s all good and well because at the end of the day it’s all about learning and using that knowledge to become an even better fighter. Both Huggy and Magnus learned a lot and now it’s back to the grind at IL.

And before I move on with other news I’d like those reading this to remember the following words: “You lose 100% of the times you don’t try”.

Magnus didn’t win and that stinks but at least he had the guts to step into the ring and give it his all.

There’s something to be said for that trust me.

A few new BJJ Belt Promotions took place.

We’re happy to announce that the following students have been promoted by Master Danny Ives in the art of Brazilian “Gracie” Jiu Jitsu. They are:

Nolan Rivera – Blue Belt
Deuce Boucher – Yellow Belt
Rachael Mansfield – Blue Belt
Jose Rodriguez – Blue Belt

This is a big deal because everyone who takes the BJJ classes knows just how hard it can be to get promoted in rank.

Unlike so many BJJ and Martial Arts schools that hand out belts like candy, Danny Ives makes you earn your belt the hard way, with lots of hard work and tough training sessions.

These students can have peace of mind knowing in their heart of hearts they earned their new belt rank. That’s something to be extremely proud of! Congrats!

Master Danny Ives and on your left is new BJJ Blue Belt Nolan Rivera.

Master Danny Ives and on your left is new BJJ Blue Belt Nolan Rivera.

Longtime student and happy-go-lucky kid Deuce Boucher right after being promoted to BJJ Yellow Belt by Master Danny

Longtime student and happy-go-lucky kid Deuce Boucher right after being promoted to BJJ Yellow Belt by Master Danny

September 24th is going to be a busy day for us!

This Saturday, 09/24/16 we’ve got 3 different Ivey League Fighters fighting at 3 different locations.

Let me tell you It’s been fun trying to juggle who goes where, who does what and on top of that all the travel arrangements. But we’ll make it work like we always do.

Anyway so here’s a quick breakdown of who’s fighting and at what location.

I’ll start first with Pro MMA Fighter Jeff Blachly. He’s fighting at an event called Odyssey Fights which takes place in Arlington VA. Then we’ve got Thor Davis making his amateur mma debut at an event called Revolution Fights located in Winchester MD.

And finally 15 year old Jiu Jitsu ace Michael Garlington is competing in a grappling superfight in NJ against the #1 kid in the country. Michael is currently the #2 kid so this should be an interesting match indeed.

So If you’d like to come out and support our fighters or just come to see some great, action packed fights, all the information needed to attend can be found below via each event’s website.

You can buy tickets for Jeff’s fight here at IL. Just come in and ask for either Chrissy or Darts and they’ll be happy to help. For the other two events you can buy tickets online or just get one at the door.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to see the skills that’ve been built inside the walls of Ivey League. Thanks for all the support and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted with results and play by play.

That just about covers it. If I missed something or whatever please feel free to email me at [email protected] We love hearing from students, parents and fans of this blog, so type away!

Oh and before I forget, check out the picture below because….Ivey League MMA now has a sweet new BOXING RING! Next time you’re in to take class or workout be sure to check out the Boxing Ring.

boxing training

Not many gyms have a Boxing Ring as nice as this one! Come check it out for yourself.

Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts
1517 Ritchie Hwy #1,
Arnold, Maryland 21012
(443) 949-7208

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar at Ivey League on September 17th

It’s been awhile since we last hosted a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) seminar so we’re super excited to announce this next one as it features two of the best in the land.

On September 17th, 2016 we’ll be bringing in multi time BJJ world champions AaRae Alexander and Jamil Taylor for a 2 hour seminar!

Trust me when I say that these two youngsters are unbelievable on the mats and I’m able to say that cause I’ve rolled with both of them and it’s like fighting off a bobcat.

I also know how good they are because a long time ago, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I coached both of them in summer camp.

AaRae was like 8 or 9 years old and Jamil was I think the same. The moment I met them I knew these kids were unique and special.

Pictured with her hand raised is top ranked Black Belt AaRae Alexander.

Pictured with her hand raised is top ranked Black Belt AaRae Alexander.

On the bottom using his amazing open guard is Jamil Taylor.

On the bottom using his amazing open guard is Jamil Taylor.

Turns out I was right and their results can prove it. Both are multiple time world champions in BJJ and both are now Black Belts competing on the biggest stage.

It’s wonderful to see how far they’ve come. It brings a big ‘ol smile to this old man’s face 🙂

So when I got the chance to nail down a date for them to come do a seminar here at Ivey League, I wasted no time booking a date, which is 09/17/16.

I highly recommend doing everything in your power to not miss this seminar. I assure you it’s going to be fantastic and well worth your time and money.

Everything you’ll need to know in order to attend the seminar is right below.

Where: 1517 Ritchie Hwy #1, Arnold MD

When: Saturday, September 17th, 2016

What time: 10am and goes till 12noon

Cost: $40 for non-members of IL, $35 for Fundamental students and $30 for BBC/CAP students

Gear needed: Full BJJ or Judo uniform

Adults or kids: BOTH

Skill Level required: All levels are welcome, beginner and up

That should cover all the details. If I missed something feel free to let me know in the comments section below this blog post.

If you’re unsure about anything or have questions related to the seminar, please by all means hit us up via email @ [email protected]

Or shoot us a call at 443-949-7208 (ask for Sarah), or you know, just stop in during normal business hours. We’re here to help.

We hope to see a bunch of students, friends and family at the seminar on Saturday!


Ivey League MMA Staff

NAGA Virginia Beach Results for Ivey League

Every year in June the NAGA hosts it’s grappling/BJJ tournament in Virginia Beach. And for us, this is one we try not to miss. Lucky for us, during this time of the year we’ve got plenty of good tournaments to choose from.

For the most part, Va Beach has a good mix of kids and adults at all levels. I didn’t think the level at this particular NAGA was amazing or anything, but good enough to drive 4.5 hours to compete.

Some people just stink 🙁

My only issue with this event was the level of sportsmanship on display from some of the teams in that area. Foul language, constant complaining and a lack of overall respect really did dampen the sunny mood.

I won’t name names but you know who you are. My advice to you is that if you can’t act like a decent person and role model for martial arts and your team (especially kids), then maybe it’s time to pick a different profession.

We don’t need people like you giving mixed martial arts, grappling and Jiu Jitsu a bad name. Just my .2 cents. Well mine and many others in attendance.

Okay on to the results. We ended up sending a good sized team and our results were good. Some tough losses sure but that’s going to happen. Below you’ll find the list of who competed and how they placed:

Ivey League MMA Results (1st Place Students are in BOLD):

Mouth Garlington – 1st Place
Seton Gerrity – 1st Place
Jameson Gerrity – 2nd Place
Sean Garlington – 1st Place
CC Fowler – 2nd Place
Magnus Benz – 2nd Place
Darryan McKann – 1st Place
Fin Moreno – 1st Place
Wiki Avila – 1st Place

Yeah, about that tomato can named Micheal Garlington…

The star of day was Micheal “Mouth” Garlington for sure. So I guess my wording isn’t correct, cause he wasn’t a tomato can at all. More like a wrecking machine.

Mouth’s been training really hard in the room along with making frequent trips to our sister school, Crazy 88 MMA. It definitely showed in his matches as he showed skills far above his fellow competitors.

Mouth used an assortment of sweeps, guard passes and submissions that not only brought home gold medals but also entertained the crowd in attendance. Mouth heads out west to US Nationals in Las Vegas in 2 weeks and if we get the same Mouth we got in Virginia Beach then good results should follow.

Star of the day, Mouth Garlington showing off his hardware.

Star of the day, Mouth Garlington showing off his hardware.

Seton Gerrity steps it up, good results followed.

The other standout student was 10 year old Seton Gerrity. Just like with Mouth, Seton’s been grinding away in the training room during our summer camp and without a doubt it showed on the mats.

She was much more aggressive and attack oriented, which is just what we wanted to see. She used strong skills from the closed guard to either sweep right to mount or win outright by submission.

Not a bad showing at all for Seton. I know her dad Mr. Kevin as well as myself would love to see more of this from her!

Next up for the competition team is the New Breed Tournament in Millersville Maryland and on the same weekend, IBJJF US Nationals in LV. Check back here at this blog and on our google plus and Facebook pages for the most up to date results.

The Ivey League Kids are seen here warming up for some live action.

The Ivey League Kids are seen here warming up for some live action.

Another big winner for the day, Sean Garlington. Yes this is indeed another member of the Garlington clan.

Another big winner for the day, Sean Garlington. Yes this is indeed another member of the Garlington clan.

New Breed Tournament Results for Ivey League MMA

Last weekend was my first time attending a New Breed Grappling/BJJ Tournament. Not the first for Ivey League, but the first for me, Coach Danny.

We took a small team consisting of only 6 students up to Ryder University in NJ. I’ve gotta be honest, my levels of expectations were low.

I say low because I’d heard mixed reviews about New Breed. That it’s a small tournament and the level isn’t that high and blah blah blah.

I only went because Jon Garlington insisted that the last event was one of the best he’d seen. He compared it to a local NAGA Event and when I heard that I said fine we’ll give it a shot.

What started out rough ended on a high note…

When we first got to the venue I kid you not, there was like 10 people in the building. 20 if you count New Breed staff. That’s not a good sign in my book.

As the day went on other competitors and teams did start to show up little by little but still, it was a small tournament compared to a NAGA or Grapplers Quest.

Those who know me know I love me some smack talk and this was giving me all the ammunition needed to unload.

So I picked up my iPhone and started texting Jon and Sarah Garlington talking all types of trash like “man you tricked me” and “you guys will pay for this!”.

They kept telling me to give it time and wait till the matches start. Then I’ll see the point of attending this event.

Well as much as I hate admitting this, it turned out to be a well run, highly organized and friendly grappling tournament.

The New Breed Staff went out of their way to find lots of good matches for our team. BBC Student Fin Moreno is a good example of this (see below also for more on Fin).

Fin is new to competing and we wanted to get him as much experience as possible. New Breed did just that and went around asking coaches if they had a kids for Fin to go with.

By the time Fin was done he’d had 8 matches against kids of all ages and skill levels around his size.

This meant a lot to myself and Fin’s parents because the name of the game is experience.

They did this for all our competitors. So yes maybe the tournament was small scale but still, you get a bunch of matches in, and that’s what truly counts and what we came for in the first place.

Not to mention the people there, from the coaches to the refs to the other competitors that were just so friendly, helpful and just all around nice folks.

One person in particular, Head Referee Mike Cardosa stands out in my mind. He went above and beyond for us when he didn’t have to. With guys like Mike around New Breed is on the right track.

Grappling and BJJ tournaments don’t have the greatest reputation for nice people. It’s getting better but we’ve still got a ways to go so it was nice to see this at New Breed.

Anyway, so yeah in short this turned out to be a great tournament and my hat goes off to New Breed. You guys do a great job and I predict success in your near future.

I know Ivey League MMA will be at future events to support and help you grew. Alright on to the results…

Who did what and placed where? See below:
Joe Huggins – 1st place
Fin Moreno – 1st place
CC Fowler – 1st place
Joe Coggiano – 1st place
Darryan McKann – 1st place
Michael Garlington – 1st place
These 4 little tomato cans pulled in the team title with lots of action packed matches!

These 4 little tomato cans pulled in the team title with lots of action packed matches!

Not one of our competitors placed lower than 1st…wow! And on top of that we also won the Kids Team Title with just 4 children competing…(see pic above)!

As a coach, I was delighted with the results. Everyone’s been working super hard in the room and this was a well earned day in the hot sun indeed. We need more days like that.

I don’t have time today to do write ups for everyone although they truly deserve it. Today I focused on one of the kids and a little story about never giving up hope. Check it out.

Never count a kid out…The Fin Moreno Story

I remember the first day little Fin Moreno came into my academy a few years ago. In fact, I ended up being the first person he met and also the one who did his introductory lesson.

I always liked Fin and so did the staff. He’s a happy-go-lucky kind of child who smiles a lot and like most kids, loves Mindcraft.

But when it comes to success in martial arts, specifically Brazilian style Jiu Jitsu, it takes more than a smile to be successful.

For a while I’d teach Fin a move and send him off to drill it. Sure enough, 1 minute later he’d tell me he “forgot” what we were doing and I’d have to show it all over again.

When Fin was invited to our BBC program at first he didn’t win much when rolling with the other kids. This is common due to the higher level skill in those classes.

But although it seemed like Fin wasn’t learning or getting better, he very clearly was.

The first sign of improvement came when he competed at the last New Breed Tournament in Pennsylvania.

The Fin we saw on the mats in PA was a very different version than the one who goofs off in the practice room.

Fin laid down the law and won both his divisions, placing first in both divisions. He did the same last weekend and did so with a new higher level of technique and timing not yet seen, at least not by me.

I’m telling you all this for good reason. As a coach, you can never give up on a child no matter what results you get back early on.

Success doesn’t come right away for most people, kid or adult. I was very patient with Fin and never lost sight of the end goal.

Now look at him just a little less then 3 years later. He’s winning tournaments, having success in a practice room filled with other tough kids and getting the results we’ve all been waiting to see.

It’s really nice to see all this unfold right before my eyes. Not overnight success by any means, but that doesn’t matter because success doesn’t work on a set timeline.

Fin is proof of this and I couldn’t be happier for him. Atta boy and I foresee many more gold medals in your future 🙂

2016 is moving in the right direction for us.

You guys rocked it and this is certainly a show of progress being made inside the walls of this YWCA building in Arnold.

Next up for IL is the NAGA Virginia Beach on June 25th. Let’s keep this momentum going! Below are some photos from the tournament, check them out.

Oh and let me plug New Breed one more time by providing a link to their website.

Pictured left to right is Fin, Stella, Mike and Darryan.

Pictured left to right is Fin, Stella, Mike and Darryan.

Joe Coggino placed 1st in both Gi and NoGi. He looked awesome!

Joe Coggiano placed 1st in both Gi and NoGi. He looked awesome!

Picking the Right Coach Makes all the Difference in the World

As of this writing, I’ve been training in Martial Arts for 25 years, more than half my life. Over the years I’ve been really fortunate to have been coached by some of the best in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) business.

Some of the coaches I’ve been trained by our:

Renzo Gracie
Pat Miletich
Greg Nelson
Ricardo Almeida
Robert “The Wiz” Hill
Jon Trenge

I could list many more, too many for this blog but I’m sure you get the idea. No great fighter or student of MMA makes it far with having at least one good coach to guide them along.

The key lies in choosing the right coach for you. I say the word coach but that could also be an instructor, professor, or whatever name you use for the one who teaches you.

Just because someone is a good coach with good results doesn’t mean they’ll be a good coach for you. It’s not about who the best coach in the world is it’s about who’s the best coach for you.

I’ve worked with world renowned coaches who’ve done wonders with others but not for me. We just didn’t connect for one reason or another.

When checking out different MMA schools to train at, be sure to meet as many of the coaches and staff as possible. Talk with them and see what kind of vide they give off.

I know this isn’t the most solid advice but I think it counts for something, and that’s to go with what your gut tells you. You’ll know what I mean when the time comes.

Aside from your gut instinct, I find that finding a coach with a similar personality as yourself is helpful. This isn’t always the case but often times it is.

I know for me I don’t like being screamed at our belittled during a training session. Some guys love that kind of stuff and that’s fine, I don’t.

Knowing this, I don’t work with coaches who do that kind of stuff. Nothing against the coach or myself. It’s just a matter of individual taste.

I do my research and find out what the coaching style is at the gym i go to. I like a more laid back approach when being coached.

I guess I’m set in my ways from training with the most laid back coach in the world, Renzo Gracie.

So remember, be selective when choosing a coach or new school to take classes at. A little homework beforehand goes a long way in preventing a bad decision from being mad.

Below I’ve included some video I dug up on youtube. Definitely worth a look.