Ivey League MMA News March 2016

Happy Friday everyone! I’m guessing Friday is most people’s favorite day of the week so enjoy it.

Things are rocking and rolling around here which is great because February was a pretty low-key month for us. Alright well on to the news…

Some Much Deserved Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Promotions Went Down.

Anyone who trains in …

News From Ivey League MMA February 2016

Happy February everyone. Enjoying this cold weather are we?! I certainly hope so.

The winter months are pretty busy for us here at Ivey League Mix Martial Arts. So for today’s blog it’s my job is to get you updated with the latest news and goings on in and around this crazy joint.

Last weeks

Details Regarding Our Kids MMA Summer Camp 2016

Yes I know it’s still winter and all, If I wasn’t sure about that believe me that 2+ feet we got a few weeks back proved it.

True it’s only February but for many parents, now’s the time to start planning out your child’s upcoming summer.

I’m sure you’d like your child to be spending … Read More...

Get In Better Shape & See Your MMA Skills Improve FAST!

You might get a laugh about this but it’s the truth. The other day I said what the heck and decided to jump into the women’s only fitness boot camp class.

These are classes that focus on fitness rather then martial arts skills. These classes are very popular with our members especially the females.

So …

Kids Results For The 2015 Pan Kids BJJ Championships in California

Keeping up with the busy month of February we took a team of kids out to California to compete in the toughest kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) tournament in the world, Pan Kids!

We’ve been going to this tournament every year since the beginning. This is one tournament that’s only gotten tougher and tougher each … Read More...

NAGA Pennsylvania Results For Ivey League MMA

February is a big month for Ivey League MMA. Every year we always end up with a lot on our plate between grappling/BJJ tournaments, MMA fights, various events and flying to California for Pan Kids.

All this is fine by me because I love to stay busy. The more things going on the better in … Read More...

IL 2015 Kids Summer Camp Open House Takes Place on February 28th

Summer seems so far away right about now doesn’t it? It’s winter time so why talk summer right?

Yes It’s still winter time but for my wife and I, and for all the parents out there whether you realize it or not, summer is fast approaching! The good news is we’ve been planning/prepping for our … Read More...

5-10 Minutes a Day Goes a Very Long Way

How much time and effort is needed to master mix martial arts? The answer to that is a lot less time and effort then you probably think.

I assume you’ve got around 5-10 minutes a day that can be applied to your MMA skills. Wait a second, I’m not going to assume that because I … Read More...

Keeping It Fun During Kids Classes Makes For Happy Youngsters!

Other martial arts school owners ask me all the time what’s the key to keeping kids coming back to their classes and even better, smiling ear to ear.

The key for us here at Ivey League has always been the same. Work hard, have fun, smile a lot and the rest takes care of itself. … Read More...

Watch the Old School Greats of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Action

These days What’s Really new and exciting out in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) world?

Have you ever heard the saying “What’s old becomes new and what’s new becomes old”? Every time I hit the training floor someones got something new and “cutting edge” to show me. But is it really new?

Like the …