Picking the Right Coach Makes all the Difference in the World

As of this writing, I’ve been training in Martial Arts for 25 years, more than half my life. Over the years I’ve been really fortunate to have been coached by some of the best in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) business.

Some of the coaches I’ve been trained by our:

Renzo Gracie
Pat Miletich

Mental Fitness – Train Your Mind Just As You Would Your Body

I say to the kids all the time “Be a thinker not a stinker”. I picked up that gem of a saying from the great Mr. Apollo Creed, you know, from the Rocky movies.

I love that saying because It’s so true. That’s a saying I’ve lived by for many years now. But what … Read More...

When In Doubt, What Would Rickson Gracie Do?

I was reading an interview last night with BJJ great Rickson Gracie. During the interview he was asked what he thought were the best submission holds for use in a real fight.

He said that while he really liked the armlock and kneebar if he had to pick, chokeholds would always be his first choice. … Read More...

Getting Maximum Results by Training with Different MMA Gyms

What’s a good way to take your current MMA training to a whole new level? Every now and then make a trip to train at a different MMA school.

Training at a different place gives you a second look from a different set of coaches/instructors. That and having access to new training partners helps big … Read More...

Coaching Sure is Tough…Part 2.

It’s 4:57am on Saturday morning. Why I’m awake at this hour is anyones guess. But since I’m up I thought I’d do some writing.

Okay so A week or so back I wrote a blog talking about coaching and how difficult (and stressful) it can be.

Well a few days after I wrote that blog … Read More...

Guard Passing is Freaking Difficult!

Anyone who’s ever taken a class or two in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will surely tell you, it’s not the easiest martial art to master.

In fact, I’d say BJJ ranked up there as either the toughest or second toughest martial arts to learn.

Why is that you ask?

BJJ/Gracie JuJitsu or whatever you call it …

Training Tips For The “Older” Grappler

Did you know that anyone over the age of 30 is considered old for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes? Yet, 30+ is the age group we work with the most here at Ivey League.

We’ve got a good number of “older” students who take classes in everything from Kickboxing to Grappling to Fitness Boot Camp.… Read More...

Does Mix Martial Arts Work on the Streets? – By Coach Danny Ives

I was talking to one of my students the other night and we got into the subject of self-defense and how MMA applies to a real world confrontation on the streets.

I’ve gotta admit It was a nice discussion that went on for 30 minutes or so. I brought up my points as to why … Read More...

Why The Critics Opinion Doesn’t Matter (EVER)!

When I lived in Iowa and trained with legendary Coach Pat Miletich, they used to have a saying written on a dry erase board for everyone, fighter or casual student, to look at, read and study.

It’s a quote taken from the late great president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. It goes like this:… Read More...

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade – MMA’s Life Lessons – By Danny Ives

Life is tough. I think most would agree with that statement. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine I know that.

As the saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. That pretty much means be prepared to make a whole lotta freaking lemonade. That’s life.

The question becomes: Are you prepared to make … Read More...