News, Events and Holiday Hours For Ivey League MMA

The holiday season is here and with it we’ve got news related to tournaments, MMA fights, events and hours of operation.

Let’s start with the upcoming holiday hours and schedule for classes.

For this week we’ll be running on the normal schedule Monday through Thursday.

On Friday (12/23) we’ll be holding all day after school Read More...

Picking the Right Coach Makes all the Difference in the World

As of this writing, I’ve been training in Martial Arts for 25 years, more than half my life. Over the years I’ve been really fortunate to have been coached by some of the best in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) business.

Some of the coaches I’ve been trained by our:

Renzo Gracie
Pat Miletich

Guard Passing is Freaking Difficult!

Anyone who’s ever taken a class or two in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will surely tell you, it’s not the easiest martial art to master.

In fact, I’d say BJJ ranked up there as either the toughest or second toughest martial arts to learn.

Why is that you ask?

BJJ/Gracie JuJitsu or whatever you call it …

Develop Ridiculous Grip Strength

I was talking with some of the BJJ students this morning about grip strength and how to make your grip like a death lock.

When it comes to fighting, or grappling like Judo, BJJ, and Wrestling, having a strong grip makes a big difference.

If you want to be considered powerful, it all starts with … Read More...

Kickboxing Levels 1 and 2 Testing Dates Have Been Announced!

It’s been awhile since our last Muay Thai Kickboxing Level 1 test. That’s due mainly to some changes we made within the Kickboxing System, changes that took some time for the students to learn and get adjusted to.

From what I’ve seen these last 2-3 months is terrific. At this point not only has everyone … Read More...

The Value of Ground Fighting (Learn Some ASAP)

Last week I stayed up for half the night just watching UFC Fights. I happen to have a subscription to UFC.TV which comes in handy for just such an accession.

That site has tons of great fights and if you pay attention to the details you can learn a lot just from watching the great … Read More...

Are You Becoming a Youtube Warrior?

Ask yourself a question. Are you a youtube warrior at your academy? You know, the guy who only takes in knowledge from whatever he happens to find on youtube?

In this day and age of technology It’s not hard to find anything you want on the internet. Everything from how to cook a turkey to … Read More...

The Mighty Armlock, Armbar, Juji Gatame or Whatever Else You Wanna Call It

The top 5 submissions holds in the world are the following:

1. Rear Naked Choke
2. Armbar
3. Triangle
4. Guillotine
5. Head & Arm Choke

As you can see, the armbar sits at number 2 on the list of best submission. That means it’s pretty good and worth learning.

Below you can check out …

Why The Turtle Guard Works For Me And Can Work For You Too!

If you currently take Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes then chances are you’ve seen the turtle guard in use.

If maybe you’ve come from Wrestling then you’ll know the Turtle Guard as “Referees position”. The name doesn’t matter, however, the skills learned from this position do matter…a lot.

Check …

New Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Half Guard Sweep Technique Video by D. Ives

I’m happy to say I posted a new half guard technique video. I know I know it’s been a while but you know, better late then never!

This video focuses on what we call the “shallow” half guard and sweeping from there. Shallow pretty much means being on your side facing the opponent in the … Read More...