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Children’s Martial Arts Classes Are On Fire Right Now!!

By May 1, 2012 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

Hi everyone!

Just an update on things here at Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Children’s martial arts classes are nothing sort of booming! It’s been crazy because the classes have been so fun but at the same time this is the way that martial arts should be right?!

We have the summer MMA sessions starting soon and the kids are hyped (as they should be!). It’s a full 10 week session that goes 12 hours a day if need be. We have early drop off and late pickup for parents that need it (and most do).

Recently we had a belt testing for the kids. The kids did an amazing job in showing their mixed martial arts knowledge, and it is incredible to see how much they have improved! We here at Ivey League MMA could not be more pleased with how each of the kids have improved dramatically since their last belt test.

We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on the goings on here at Ivey League Mixed Martial arts!

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