Coach Danny takes on the midwest

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Ivey League scoops up another win, this time in the beautiful state of South Dakota. Head Coach Danny Ives was invited to compete in a special “supermatch” at a big grappling tournament called the Midwest championships. Danny’s opponent was George Andersch, a very tough competitor from Fargo who fights for Renzo Gracie’s team. The match started off with lots of hand fighting and some takedown attemps. Danny was having a hard time getting the takedown so he jumped to guard and almost hit a straight footlock but Andersch escaped and went back to Danny’s guard. Danny used a footlock sweep to reverse and get on top, followed by an intense scramble. Andersch hit a Kimura lock, flipped Danny over, and ended up on top with it locked in. Danny fought tooth and nail, and eventually got free and used the same footlock sweep to reverse again to get on top. The rest of the match included Danny trying to pass Andersch’s guard when time ran out.

The ref decided to do a 2 minute overtime period. This is where all the running that Danny does paid off, as he was able to push the pace hard and scored a single leg takedown. He followed that up with a guard pass and then took the back with both hooks in. He ended the match with a rear choke at 1 minute into overtime. It was a hard match and Danny was impressed with Andersch’s toughness. Many people in the crowd said it was one of the most exciting matches they’ve ever seen. Way to go Coach Danny!!

Danny going for a footlock

Danny caught in a Kimura

Match ending choke


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