Danny Ives Returns To Iowa For A Seminar And Wrestling!

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Ivey League Mix Martial Arts head instructor and owner, Danny Ives, returned to Iowa this past weekend for some great wrestling training as well as a chance to teach a seminar to students at the University of Iowa.

Day 1 started with Master Danny getting tossed around in the Iowa Wrestling room. Something he thought was fun (weird huh?). Master Danny said he learned a lot in regards to standing up from the bottom and using that for MMA. He felt that combined with the Gracie Jujitsu skills he already has it’s a winning combo.

Master Danny also talked about how hard the Iowa wrestling team works. In his own words it’s “something you have to see to believe!”. We believe him btw.

Day 2 was spent brainstorming with wrestling and neck guru Jim “Treat Yourself” Kelly. That plus Master Danny taught a great Jiu Jitsu seminar at U-Iowa. Everyone had a great time and Master Danny even covered some of his super secret half guard sweeps. Remember you can find out more and get great tips from Master Danny Ives’ website,

Master Danny then spent some time “rolling” with the students after. He was impressed with the level of skill shown. Saying that he felt they were much better then they thought. He also talked about how hot the training room was! Indeed Master Danny got a great workout in!

Master Danny is spending the rest of his 3rd day in Iowa working on his websites and doing business related stuff that will no doubt help Ivey League MMA to grow and grow.

Remember that this weeks training plans have already been emailed out to all CAP students. So check your inbox for those as there are some key technique details listed.

That is all for today.

The staff of Ivey League MMA

P.S. Check out the video below of some Iowa Wrestling

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