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Do You Ever Really “Master” Mixed Martial Arts?

By June 16, 2014 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

This subject could be related to pretty much anything in life that’s worth trying to master. I was thinking about this today and how it related to mixed martial arts (mma) training.

The question is this: Do you truly ever “master” your MMA training? Do you ever really master anything that you do in life?

I’ve been doing MMA at this point for 20+ years. That’s a long time by most peoples standards. Even today, with all this time in the game, I’m still learning and trying new things.

On top of that, maybe I’m not learning new things every single day but I’m also still trying to master and perfect the stuff I already know. It never ends…

The idea of knowing that you never truly master MMA (or anything else for that matter) is something that drives me and should drive you as well.

For me, I’ve always wanted to have perfect technique. Knowing full well that it’s never going to happen doesn’t stop me from trying. It’s the endless pursuit of perfection.

This is very important in your own training. Always trying to get better. Always making your already good techniques better. It can never stop, you’ve always got to be searching for better ways of doing things.

You might be a beast in the training room, maybe one of the best that very few can beat. That’s all good and well but in the end there’s always going to be someone better. You need to always be improving your skills, tactics and techniques, always.

Here’s an idea for you: Take a technique or skill series you already know and are good at and try learning that same skill set/technique on the opposite side of the body.

Lets say you’re pretty good at the half guard waiter sweep from your right side and good enough to sweep most opponents. Now take that same technique and try attempting it on your left side, or weaker side.

Trying to stop someone who is so diverse in their attacks is a challenge. Master your skills on both sides and you’re making steps to becoming close to perfect on the mats.

This type of training will not only make you better but at the same time it’s going to keep things from getting boring.

But Coach Danny, who’re the closest to “perfect” in the MMA world? Below I listed fighters from all sports and styles that I consider to be as close to flawless as you can get:

  • Wrestling – Buvaisar Saitiev
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Marcelo Garcia
  • Boxing – Floyd Mayweather
  • MMA – GSP
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing – Buakaw Banchamek
  • Judo – Ryoko Tani

I could name more but these names came to mind fast. Guys/gals so good and so close to perfect it’s amazing to watch them in action. But, as good as they are, none are perfect.

However, day in and day out they try their darnedest to be that perfect fighter. That’s what drives them and should drive you as well.

The best fighters in the world are the ones who relentlessly chase that goal of someday being perfect. The byproduct for all this work is success much higher then the norm.

That’s my life lesson for this fine day.Do all this and I assure you that along the way you’ll find success, you simply don’t have a choice with an attitude like this.

Below I’ve included video of the above highlighted fighters. You’d be wise to study up!

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