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If You Fail Trying Does That Make You a Loser?

By January 24, 2015 June 27th, 2018 No Comments
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I think that for most students of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), when they fail trying to do a technique, or get worked over in a sparring session, they think of themselves as a loser.

I’m here to tell you that one bad training session or fight or tournament doesn’t make you a loser. There’s a big different between failing and being a loser.

The reality is that no matter how good you are or what you’ve done in the past, sooner or later you’re going to experience failure.

Failure is a part of learning and MMA is no different. Especially in the beginner of your training when everything you learn and do is a whole different world.

As you get better, you fail less and less. Let me be clear, you never stop failing. I wish I could say you did but that’s just a part of life.

You need to view failing as learning. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them again.

I know for me personally I’ve failed at more things then I care to admit. That was key for me in my early years of MMA.

I tried my best not to see failing as a loser but rather as something I could learn from. And let me assure you, I failed a lot.

To be honest I wasn’t that talented. So I got beat on a lot. I got to where I’m at today because I used failing as a way to teach me rather then break my spirit.

The world of high level MMA like the UFC has plenty of examples of fighters who lost big time fights but then came back to win the championship belt or so on a 10 fight win streak.

Remember that success is as much about your mindset as it is your skill set. Don’t let temporary set backs and failures derail you from achieving your goals.

The champion fails a lot along the way but never loses sight of his goals, he stays the course.

The loser on the other hand is someone who fails once then quits because he can’t handle the idea of not winning every time.

That’s what it all comes down to. Be the champion, not the loser. I’m pretty sure it’s better that way 🙂

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