I was talking to some of the students the other night about the Palhares vs Belcher. If you didn’t catch it let me fill you in.

First of all it was a great fight and had lots of ground fighting action.

Belcher ended up winning via TKO from ground and pound inside of Palhares guard.

This is the main thing to note. While Palhares is a great fighter, no doubt there, he tends to be very one dimensional. Meaning that he uses his leg locks to win his fights….pretty much all the time and the only thing he wins his fights with.

There is nothing wrong with this of course and if you have one skill set that beats everyone then that’s awesome. However, once people figure out how to counter your one move you might and most likely will be in some trouble.

That’s what happened with Palhares. Belcher knew his only thing was the leg locks and kept the game tight and stayed out of that position. The thing that surprised me was that Belcher just said “I’m game” and hit the ground with Palhares and beat him at his own game.

The lesson of the day is that you shouldn’t have your fight game centered around one thing but rather be able to do a few things very good. Shooting for balance is always a good idea!

Check out some great Alan Belcher highlight videos below!

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