Drilling at Ivey League Mix Martial Arts in Annapolis!

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Drilling at Ivey League in Annapolis!

Here at Ivey League MMA in Annapolis we do a lot of MMA and offer a variety of classes on different days. The coaches are great at teaching techinique in BJJ, muay thai, mixed martial arts, and wrestling.

The thing that I find most difficult is sometimes reataining all of the useful knowlege the coaches give out when I only show up to class twice a week. A way to deal with this issue is through drilling.

You can drill by yourself outside of Ivey League in a couple ways. You can shadow box which will help you work on your combos and couterpunches. This is a good way to help make sure that you retain the knowledge you gained from the last class so that you can keep moving forward in the next class, without having to re-learn some things.

Another way to drill would be with a partner. During class at Ivey League you will most often have a partner to work with. Outside of class in Annapolis this might be more difficult. If you can find someone, like a sibling, to practice with this can also be very beneficial to your success in class.

So, just because you are not in class at Ivey League MMA does not mean that you cannot practice. The more you practice, the better you will get and the folks at Ivey League will be more then happy to assist you in getting better!

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