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Finding Things Out The Hard Way is Sometimes The Only Way You Truly Learn

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I give out advice regarding training to my students on a daily basis. That’s part of good coaching. However, whether or not they (students or fighters) listen to me is a whole different bag of potato chips!

I’ve learned from years of coaching that sometimes it’s best for a hard headed student to learn things on their own, AKA the hard way.

In a way, making mistakes, taking a beating, and the all that stuff can have a funny way of teaching many things that a good MMA coach simply cannot.

To me It’s kind of like being a parent who’s trying to teach their teenage daughter(s) to do the right things and avoid trouble in the game we call life.

Anyone with a teenager will tell you, most of the time they don’t listen…at all. So they end up learning tough life lessons the hard way. But that’s not always a bad thing.

Fighters are pretty much the same as a teenager. You can tell a young fighter what to do and pretty much lay out a detailed roadmap to success for them. BUT….in the end…most fighters won’t listen.

At that point it’s on them to figure things out on their own, the hard way and when it’s all said and done, take many beatings and receive a much needed dose of reality.

If you let them learn these lessons on their on many times it helps set them back onto the right track. The track to success that is.

I could go on and on but the point I’m trying to make is that you’d get a lot better, faster mind you, if you followed the coaching advice you’re given, now and in the future.

If you don’t listen but still train hard and do most things right you’ll still get better, no doubt there, but it’s gonna take a whole lot longer and with many more bumps in the road that could be avoided.

That’s my advice for today. Be a good student and do what your coach tells you. They know what’s best for your training, otherwise they wouldn’t be called “coach” in the first place.

Remember that. It’s going to serve you well in your training and other worthy pursuits in life, inside and out of the MMA Gyms.

Below you’ll find some training videos that get my stamp of approval. Check them out!

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