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FrontRunner Fitness Bootcamp – Up & Running

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This blog post is for all the ladies out there. Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts just launched our very own women’s only fitness bootcamp program!

To be honest, at first I wasn’t sure if this kind of thing would fly with the girls in the area. I know it had worked in places like Miami but come on, this is Annapolis.

Oh let me tell you, I couldn’t have been more wrong…it’s a winner.

This program is being run by Miss Teresa Russin and Miss Chrissy Smith.

In only it’s second week of classes/workouts have already taken off. Many of our moms have come in and tried the classes as well as others who’ve heard about it. The reviews have been great from everyone!

What is a fitness bootcamp you might ask?

These are classes for women only and are based around getting in great shape, weight loss and learning about fitness. The ladies focus on all types of different and fun things in the sessions including:

Circuit Training
Lots of Lower & Upper Ab Work
Arm Toning w/ Bands
Balance & Coordination Drills
Hitting Punching Bags (A Favorite w/ The Girls)
Oh and So Much More…

We do offer some Kickboxing in the classes but mainly it’s for fitness, not martial arts training. You’d be surprised at how good something like Kickboxing can be for toning your body.

The classes are about 55 minutes long and are held most of the time in our Columbia training room, which is downstairs and to the left, unit L-1.

If you know a mom, sister, daughter or any other gal who might dig the fitness bootcamp then by all means please have them call us @ 443.949.7208

Trust me when I say this, it’s a good time!:)

To check out the schedule please be sure to go on our main website, Just click “schedule”.

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