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Getting 1% Better Daily – The Nick C Story

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I say this to my students all the time “Get 1% better every time you come in and take class”.

I say that because it’s hard to come in and give 100% each and every class you take. Some days you just don’t have it in, believe me I understand that.

Just shoot for 1% improvement every time you train. Over time you’ll reach your goals I assure you.

The days when you’re able to give more then 1% are great! Do that for sure and when you’re feeling down just do your best to muster up that 1% needed to get better

A man named Nick C and how he uses 1% to make huge improvements

This brings me to a good student spotlight story. Let’s talk a little about long time student Nick Concepcion or better known around Ivey League as “Nick C”.

Nick was one of my original 5 students who signed up on month 1 back in March of 2008. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 7 years since that day.

Since day one Nick’s the kind of guy who keeps himself busy, pretty much all day every day. He doesn’t have a bunch of time to fritter away.

Between a full time (and more often then not 60+ hours a week) job, a wife and two kids, time is in short supple.

Yet despite his lack of time, he’s one of our best students, both in terms of skill and attitude.

No matter how hectic his schedule becomes, he always finds the time to fit in training sessions with us.

Not only that but he also lives the 1% better approach down right down to a T.

When he comes in to train, he’s not always in the best mood, or feeling great, or even feels like working out.

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Not only does Nick C find the time to train but he also fits in “Family Man” time.

I can’t fault him for that cause I’m the same way and I bet you are too. Sometimes we’re on and sometimes we’re not so on.

Feeling good or not, Nick still shows up, ready to rock and gives his best. Whether that best is 1% or 90% depends on the day of course.

I want to point out that Nick’s one of my best students, hands down. Not many people can beat him on the mats or in the cage.

That’s not a coincidence either. The best students/fighters out there all have that 1% better mentality.

Let me ask you this: Are you shooting for 1% results when you head into class? If your answer is yes then fantastic. If it’s no, why is that?

Don’t toss out that lame excuse that you lack the time to come to MMA class.

If you use that old excuse I’m just gonna ask you to tell me how it’s possible for Nick to find the time to train and better and you can’t?

Nick doesn’t “find” the time I might add, he makes the time. Those who achieve high levels of success, in the cage or in life don’t look for time to get things done, they MAKE THE TIME.

It still to this day bothers me to see so many students come through the doors of IL that really could have been something, yet they’re lack of drive and willingness to do whatever it takes caused them to fall by the wayside?

What can 1% do for you?

If you take away one thing from this blog post let that be the 1% rule. It really helps to keep things in perspective.

1% may not seem like much but over time it adds up and sooner or later that attitude is going to pay out in huge dividends.

If you’re in need of proof just look at what Nick C’s been able to do. We can’t all be “on” everyday.

Do the best you can and when the bad days hit don’t lose focus of the overall goal. Remember, you need bad days in order to appreciate the good ones.

Enjoy the videos I posted below. Study them and give the techniques a try next time you’re in class.

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