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Out of shape American Kids! Time to fix the problem! Martial Arts Can Help

Let’s face the it. Kids these days aren’t in the greatest shape when it comes to fitness. Most of the kids anyway. The days of playing outside and getting exercise has been replaced with playing video games and sitting on a couch eating junk food.

One of my goals is to help get the kids in the Annapolis area back in great shape. In the end I want them to be able to take the fitness training we give them and carry that over into the real world and hopefully, they keep in shape for the rest of their lives.

annapolis maryland sports kids summer camp 2014

Two of the fittest kids ever to walk the Ivy League MMA mats, Jacob and Lania. Great Kids.


Everyone knows that our kid members are in great shape. Both myself and the other staff members hold very challenging classes that are designs to shed fat and build muscle.

What’s interesting to me is when I think of the most in shape kids we’ve got here and how they sure didn’t start out that way. No Mam, most of our top kids didn’t come to us like the way they are now.

We’ve all put in a ton of work to build them to the level of conditioning we see these days. The kids need to get a lot of credit because in the end, they work very hard in their classes.

Like I was saying, so many kids these days are overweight and out of shape. I’m sorry but I’m being realistic here. We need to step up the game and get the kids of Annapolis fit and healthy.

It all started with this group of great kids! This picture is from 2009 at our old location in Severna Park MD

It all started with this group of great kids! This picture is from 2009 at our old location in Severna Park MD

This is where our martial arts training comes into play.

Martial arts classes are a great way to get in shape while learning self defense, and having fun at the same time. What makes our martial arts classes different is that we focus on not only teaching them but also helping them to become better athletes.

The kids train in Brazilian “Gracie” Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Between those three styles alone the kids get a one of a kind workout. However, we can’t stop there. Our kids also do a lot of the following:

  • -Running
  • -Sprinting
  • -Crawls
  • -Tug of war
  • -Live rolling and sparring (safe sparring that is)
  • -Gymnastics
  • -Resistance training like push ups, pulls, rope climbs and so on

You get the idea. Ivy League Mixed Martial Arts be getting these kids in shape.

Oh yeah I was going somewhere with all of this. Yes Okay, check this out. If you have a child that maybe needs a little extra “push” to get them off the couch and moving, maybe you should call us. Just an idea. I’m more then happy to help! (443) 949-7208

For martial arts lessons with us please see below:

Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts
1517 Ritchie Hwy Suite #1
Arnold, MD 21012

Below I’ve included some cool videos of our kids. Check them out. I love watching these videos cause you get to see just how far these kids have come. Makes me proud 🙂

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