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Getting Kids Stronger Through Mixed Martial Arts Training

By April 8, 2014 June 27th, 2018 No Comments
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During last years summer camp, one of the parents said this to me and my wife:

“Master Danny, our son has muscles now!”

The mother was referring to the athletic build and muscle development she’s seen take place with her son Michael.This made me smile. Ah one of the many benefits martial arts training offers to a child.

Building muscle isn’t usually the first thing that comes to a parents mind when they enroll their child into martial arts. I can assure you that no one is upset when they see the muscles starting to show.

And when I say muscles I’m not talking about bodybuilding muscle. You know, muscles for show. I’m talking about functional muscles. and power for GO! We like to call it…


Of course, looking good with all that new found muscle isn’t a bad thing. It just can’t be the only thing.

The Ivey League MMA Kids staff brags all the time that we’ve got the fittest, most in shape kids in the world. We truly believe that too. The kids work hard and because of this they end up getting in amazing shape.

Not everyone cares about getting strong and having muscle, but again, when this happens I never get complains from anyone, kid or parent.

It’s been proven in countless studies that having strong muscles through exercise ends up making your brain a lot stronger too. A better brain means better grades in school and better decision making as a whole.

Just the other day I was reading a book related to this subject. In it the author talks about strength training and how it affects your brain in so many positive ways. 100% worth the read. The book was called “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body” By Daniel Amen.

I believe, and clearly so does Mr. Amen that a fitter, healthier child will have a happier and more productive life down the road.

So as you can imagine, when a parent tells me they’ve started to see muscle on their child It makes me smile. That means what we’re doing is paying off.

In the end, our goal with the youth program is for the kids to enjoy the many benefits that mixed martial arts can offer. Muscles included 🙂

The new buzzword right now is “Gamechanger”. Well let me tell you, if you put your child in martial arts classes, you’ll get a chance to see this whole gamechanger thing in action, right before your very eyes.

Check us out. My academy info is right below.

Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts
1517 Ritchie Hwy #1,
Arnold, MD 21012
(443) 949 7208

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