Grapplers Quest, Adults results.

By April 12, 2011 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

On April 9th 2011 Ivey League MMA took a team to compete at a semi close tournament;Grapplers Quest. On the team was our normal squad of competitors, plus some new faces. Our kids team crushed as usual, but this post is about our adults.

Michelle Francis from Annapolis went first, if you know who she is you know she is made of pure steel and aggression. In No Gi she won her first two matches with ease, she took 2nd place in nogi losing on point. Michelle beasted in GI, winning the whole weight class and getting a submission win on the way to the gold medal.

Up next was “Socks” or Mike Sunderland. If you’d like to know his name outside the gym. Socks was our only hope to save the day, and what a long exhausting day it was. He did exactly that winning by an advantage, paintbrush, and triangle for gold. This was Socks first medal out of multiple tournaments, we couldn’t have been happier for him.

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