This past weekend we sent 3 members of Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts out to the Grapplers Quest tournament. It’s a grappling only tournament held a few times a year and is considered one of the better ones you can take part in.

Platinum Members David Pfiffer and Eddie Spiker jumped out there and competed as well as BBC member Mike Garlington.

The did well, David placed 3rd in white belt gi and Mike placed second and third in gi and nogi.

There are always things that need to be worked on and nothing points them out like an event such as the Grapplers Quest.

Tonight we had back into the training room with a game plan. We’ve got to sharpen up for the coming season of grappling tournaments.

The next tournament will be in late January and will be held in Rhode Island. That’s a naga event.

After that we have one in Philly, Pan Kids in California and Pan Ams, also in Cali. The training started yesterday…

Below I tossed up some great Team Lloyd Irvin videos. Enjoy.

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