Great Judo Seminar! Thanks Kelly Franquemont!

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Everyone at Ivey League MMA wanted to say a big thanks to Miss Kelly Franquemont for an awesome Judo seminar!

We all had a blast and learned some pretty sick stuff. Stuff like:

*Osoto Gari
*Hip toss
*Tai Otoshi
*Ochi Gari

I was very happy to see that the kids were taking to the Judo techniques being taught like a duck takes to the water! One little boy, young Jacob Miller, might have a good shot at becoming a Judo superstar one day based on what I saw.

Keep in mind that we had 2 seminars on the same day. One for the kids and then later in the day for the adults.

The adults, much like the kids had a blast. Myself (Master Danny) and Miss Teresa also took the seminar and learned a ton. We also enjoyed throwing each other but I must admit that Miss Teresa got the better of the throws 🙂

Also, and I talked about this before but I’ll say it again, March 3rd was our 4 year anniversary for Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts!

Combine that with the seminars and it was just a fantastic day with nothing but fantastic people around myself and the academy.

Thanks sooooo much to all the students, families and friends that have made Ivey League such a success. We promise to keep providing the very best mixed martial arts training to any and all of the Annapolis area!

Below is an awesome video from the seminar, enjoy!

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