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How Good Can You Get Watching/Studying Videos Only?

By January 24, 2014 June 27th, 2018 No Comments
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How Far Can You Get From Video Study?

Look, videos are great and in this day and age video study is as easy as a simple click on your computer. Sites like youtube, vimeo and tons of others make finding technique and training videos a piece of cake.


Do videos really take the place of a live martial arts instructor? The simple answer to this is no, no they don’t.

Videos should be used as a supplement to your training. An extra aid. But that’s the line in the sand. A video can’t do things like step in to stop you from practicing a certain technique wrong. It can’t fill in the blank details.

But during your classes a good instructor can do all of that. And he/she can break down the details.

Too many student now a days see something on youtube and go against what their instructor tells them. When that starts happening it’s always downhill for the student.

Funny Video Story

I had a student tell me one time that he was quitting our classes in order to learn from an online BJJ study course. He claimed that he learned differently and this video site was better for him. I just laughed because to be honest that’s just silly. Silly and an excuse.

I watched a ton of videos sure, and I still do. But the difference with me is that I always did what my instructors said, not what the videos said.

If something my instructor didn’t work for me I would come to him/her with questions as to why. He’s fill in the blanks and before long I’d get the hang of it. I can’t remember a video ever doing that for me!

To think that a paid technique site will get you the same results as classes just isn’t realistic. Sorry but that’s just the truth.

Okay that’s my rant on training videos. Use them to study and learn but don’t get nuts with it because in the end a good martial arts school is the key to success.

And If you still don’t believe me I challenge you to find me someone who’s won a world title in anything by just studying online videos. I await your reply 🙂




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