IL Kids News Update – Grey Belt Test a Huge Success

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Ivey League Kids reached its first landmark on Friday Jan 29th when the first belt test was successfully completed by our students. A grey belt is the first step of many of Ivey League children on their way to mastering the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Wrestling.

Students were tested on four months of curriculum; techniques that will serve as their foundation for progressively more advanced moves and strategies. In order to qualify for the belt test, students had to demonstrate leadership skills in the training room, at home, and at school. Each student earned 4 stripes prior to testing for the belt, meaning each month they demonstrated their knowledge of that month’s techniques. Our students performed excellently, excuting moves such as punch combinations, double leg takedowns, and kicks.

The students and their families were just as excited as we were to participate in the test. It was standing room only for family members watching their young stars perform. Afterward we all celebrated with snacks, pictures, and a game of dodge ball.

Now sporting grey belts, these students will help our children’s program develop by acting as role models for new students that join us. They all have great attitudes and training ethics in addition to being great athletes. We look forward to watching our Ivey League kids develop into the elite martial artists and more importantly, admirable people.

To all the parents and family members of our students, thank you for all the support you have shown our program and our students. We look forward to many great memories in the future together!



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