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This past weekend our sister school, Crazy 88, held a in-house Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament just for the kids. We ended up sending 5 kids to compete as we thought this would be a great opportunity for them to get some much needed competitive experience.

All in all we thought the kids did well. Improvements need to be made but that’s always the case so no worries there. Even if they lost all their matches, in the end something like this is more for experience then anything else.

The kids who participated were:

  • Austin “Ghost” Hartman
  • Lania “Crazy” Nick
  • Mouth Garlington
  • Christian “SeaSide” Barcikowski
  • Sean “Ladies Man” Garlington

The standout child for the day ended up being longtime student and JR Black Belt Lania Nick. Lania, or better know as “Crazy”, showed drastically improved skills in all areas. She ended up winning the bulk of her matches via armbar submission, her favorite technique.

We were delighted to see her do well after having a few outings not go the way she would have liked. Who knows, maybe this in-house tournament is a sign of greater things to come in the future…we shall see!

One happy little lady! Ivey League's own Lania "Crazy" Nick

One happy little lady! Ivey League’s own Lania “Crazy” Nick

Another kid you should keep an eye on is young upstart Austin Hartman.

Ghost, as we call him, has been training for less then Five months total. But don’t let his lack of training fool you, we saw something special in him right away. Because of this we invited him into our high level BBC program early, something we rarely do.

At the in-house, his aggressive nature and all or nothing attitude seemed to provide solid entertainment for those in attendance. Although he didn’t get the results he’d hoped for he did however show us that he’s got the makings for gold medals down the road.

The 2014 Tournament Season & Beyond…

Many thanks go out to Crazy 88 BJJ for hosting this great tournament. Everyone had a good time and much was learned. 2014 has already started off with some big wins for our kids team. Like always we’ll make adjustments and move forward. Next up for the Ivey League Kids will be the NAGA in Virginia Beach. The hard training has already begun…Stay tuned!


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Mouth and Crazy, two of our best students here at Ivey League.


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