In House Tournament Rules and Info

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Here is a basic run down of the rules and whatnot for the upcoming in house grappling tournament.

Oh and great news, we have word that Crazy 88 will be sending a team of students to come out and compete! Fun fun fun!!

Remember that this in house tourney will be for both kids and adults who want to compete in front of friends and family in a safe familor envierment. This is open to all members of Team lloyd Irvin.

Below is just a basic rundown of rules. This will at least give you an idea of what their like.

Point system for both gi and nogi:
2 points will be awarded for – Sweeps from the guard, Takedowns and Knee on belly
3 points for guard passes (ending in crossbody/side control)
4 points for back takes with both hooks in or the full mount
Advantage points will be given for near submissions as well as near positions.
Time limits will be:
3 minutes for all kids and white belts/beginner nogi matches
4 minutes for Blue belt and advanced nogi matches
5 minutes for superfights
To compete in Gi you must have:
a full BJJ/Judo gi which includes a belt and it must fit right (no short sleeves or pants)
The use of a cup will not be allowed due to the risk of injury. Cups can put added pressure on joints for finishing holds.
The use of a mouth piece would be greatly recommended!
Gi must not smell, it must be clean and well kept.
Knee braces will be allowed however they must not have any sharp edges or metal sticking out (same with nogi)
To compete in nogi you need to have:
a basic t-shirt or rash guard and it must have a team name like Ivey League, Crazy 88, Top Flight, pretty much whatever Team Lloyd Irvin academy you come from, have that shirt on!
shorts of some type but can’t but longer then your knee
knee brace same as above
mouth piece and cup, same as above
Basic hygiene rules:
finger and toe nails must be kept short.
you must not stink
hair has to be tied back or controlled in some way, shape or form
weigh ins and pairings will be based on the Madison weight system.
pretty much we’ll pair you in a group of people that are the closest to your weight and skill as possible.
Fouls include:
eye gauging
striking of any kind
small joint manipulation
poking at the neck or other parts of the body with a finger(s)
slamming from the guard or slamming with bad intent
no suplexing of any kind due to the risk of injury
No leg locks of any kind will be allowed due to safety issues
No flying scissor takedowns aka “cutbacks”
No bicep or calf slicer techniques
No talking to the referee in any way during a match
Any back talking to anyone at the event will get you kicked out
No bad words

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