Ivey League Celebrates Our One Year Anniversary in Style

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To mark the first year of outstanding MMA training in Annapolis, Ivey League celebrated its anniversary with a  dinner party that was a huge success. Nearly 50 students, loved ones, and guests came out to enjoy an evening filled with great food, conversation, and a few speeches to commemorate the occassion. Coach Danny and Coach Jason presented several awards to outstanding students of the year. These students represent the dedication, tough spirit, and right attitude that Ivey League stands for. The team then showed its appreciation to Coach Danny with Winning headgear and a Mizuno Gi. Special thanks was also given to team mom, Jaime Ives for all her behind-the-scenes support.

Competitor of the Year: Matt Brannon

Student of the Year: Teresa Russin

Most Improved BJJ Student: Paul Peck

Most Improved Muay Thai Student: Nick Concepcion

Winning Headgear

Mizuno Gi

Ivey League would like to thank all who came to celebrate and especially those who made the event possible including Jeaneo Binney, Cathy Zwantez and the clean up crew, Jaime Ives and Suzy Formorn, and Julius Park at Crazy 88 BJJ.

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