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Ivey League MMA News – November 2015

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I love this time of year. I really do. The leaves are turning different colors, nice weather, the holiday season has everyone in a great mood, it’s just a wonderful time of the year.

Here at Ivey league MMA, fall means lot of things going on and staying super busy. Below you’ll find the 411 on all events, promotions, schedules and so on going into the holiday timeframe.

Levels 1 and 2 Kickboxing Testing on November 21st

The next Level 1 and 2 testing takes place on November 21st 2015. That’s a Saturday just FYI. Start time is 2pm and will last for about 30 to 45 minutes.

In order to test for Level 1 you’ll need to be a current member of Ivey League MMA, with a minimum of 6 months training in our Kickboxing classes.

If you plan to test for Level 2 you’ll have to have 1+ years of training and be a CAP Member of our Kickboxing/MMA Program.

You’ll also be needing the following Kickboxing equipment:

Boxing Gloves
Shin Guards
Hand Wraps

The testing process is pretty black and white. You’ll come in, warm up then demo a series of skills with and without a partner.

The skills you’ll be tested on will vary depending of the level you’re at. Students testing for Level 2 will of course be covering more difficult skills then those going for level 1.

Please keep in mind that there will be No sparring at all for anyone testing. Testing will focus 100% on drills and techniques so no worries, you won’t be returning home with a black eye.

Makeup testing date*** We’ll be holding a make up test for those who are unable to attend on 11/21.

The date for the make up Level 1 and 2 test is Monday, December 14th at 6:45pm.

Kids In-House BJJ/Grappling Tournament at IL on 12/05/15

On December 5th 2015 we’ll be hosting our 2nd annual kids in-house grappling tournament here at Ivey League!

This particular tournament is just for the kids ages 14 and below and is open to kids of all ages, genders and levels.

They’ll be competing in grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Think of it as kinda like the same kind of Wrestling you see kids doing in middle and high school.

There’s no punching or kicking, or striking of any kind, it’s all grappling. Very safe and super fun for the kids.

At Last years tournament we got to see some really fun, action packed matches that entertained both the parents and family members in attendance.

Miss Chrissy (the one in charge of organizing this event) has been doing a great job and is working her tail off to make sure this tournament is a success.

She even invited a bunch of other martial arts schools from up and down the east coast to help make sure the kids get good, challenging matches.

So yeah mark that date down (Saturday, December 5th, 2015) sign your child up and come on out. Good times will be had by all.

New BJJ Belt Promotions!

New BJJ Blue Belt and awesome dude Rodney Harris from Severna Park.

New BJJ Blue Belt and awesome dude Rodney Harris from Severna Park.

Congrats are in order to the following Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) students who moved up in rank recently:

Kevin Gerrity – Blue Belt
Joe Coggiano – Blue Belt
Wayne Morris – Blue Belt
Luke “Texas” Simpson – Blue Belt
Rodney Harris – Blue Belt
Dade Gumula – Yellow Belt
Flipper Mayes – Gray Belt
Tierney Gerrity – Gray Belt

Upcoming Holiday Schedule/Hours for Thanksgiving

Please make a note that Ivey League MMA will be closed for all classes and programs from 11/25-11/29.

**One Exception** We’ll be opening up for a few hours on small business Saturday! Yes that’s right, we’ll be open for 3 hours on 11/28 from 9am till 12pm.

Those looking for a good deal would be wise to stop in cause we’ll be offering sales on gear such as Boxing gloves, BJJ uniforms, t-shirts or program memberships.

We’ll be reopening on Monday, November 30th. Enjoy the downtime and be sure to get your fill of turkey, ham or whatever it is you eat during the holiday.

That’s about it. Be sure to keep checking back to this blog for the latest information related to Ivey League MMA.

Another way to stay up to date is via our Facebook page. Click this link and “like” the official Ivey league FB page.

Another awesome dude and new BJJ Blue Belt, Kevin Gerrity from Davidsonville.

Another awesome dude and new BJJ Blue Belt, Kevin Gerrity from Davidsonville.

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