Ivey League MMA Schedule For Tonight (03-25-2013)

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Just a quick heads up regarding the schedule tonight
due to the snow and weather.

Please so no one can be confused. Read below.

We’ll be open for three kids classes. Those are:

Tiny Ninja’s at 4:30pm (Princeton)
Lil Ninja’s at 5:30pm (Upenn)
Jr’s at 6:00pm (Yale)

For Adult classes it’s going to be what we call “Open Gym”.

That means any member can come in and use the academy
for training on their own but no formal classes or teaching will take place.

That’s going to run from 6:30pm till 8pm tonight.

So if you wanna work out that great, come in during those times.

Again, kids classes will run on the normal schedule tonight but all adult classes will be open gym.

Have a nice day and be careful out on the roads!

–Coach Danny

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