Ivey League outreach to the Baltimore school Police

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On June 15th, Ivey League was asked to conduct a self defense seminar for the Baltimore School Police Department. Danny was assisted by student and long time friend, Neil Duke. They covered many different scenarios that police run into out on the mean streets, and in some cases the mean schools. Danny and Neil tried to emphasize the importance of fast reaction time and the fact that not every self defense situation is the same. Also, officers should have to have a gameplan for every body type an attacker may have. Some of the techniques covered were the rear naked choke, single leg takedown, hip toss, standing guillotine and the always important “cement mixer”. On behalf of Ivey League MMA, we would like to thank the school district of Baltimore for having us. Below are some photos to enjoy.

 Danny demonstrates a front headlock

Working with the group

Neil assists

Danny teaches from the mount

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