Ivey League Visits Minnesota

By August 26, 2009 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

Ivey League owner and head coach Danny Ives, met there by student Cameron Jurkowsky and Cameron’s supportive mother Mrs. Jurkowsky, traveled to Minnesota to train with one of the best MMA coaches in the world, Greg Nelson. For those who don’t know Greg, he’s the trainer of Brock Lesnar and Sean Sherk among many other great fighters.

Coach Danny unfortunately couldn’t do any training due to both a knee injury and the flu (bad luck indeed) but he did take the time to pick Greg’s brain and will no doubt be bringing back some great skills to Ivey League. Cameron, on the other hand, got to experience the workouts first hand. She participated in all the Thai boxing workouts, got in some tough workouts to help her get in tip-top shape, and learned many useful skills that will aid her greatly in her training back in Maryland. Both Coach and student were able to also watch Sean Sherk train for an upcoming UFC fight. It was an awesome learning experience and Ivey League will benefit from the knowledge gained!

Below are some pics for everyone to enjoy.

Sean Sherk training

Greg teaching

Greg and Danny

Cameron sparring

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