Ivey League Went Back To The Ivy League…Cornell That Is

By October 21, 2012 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

This past weekend Master Danny Ives along with Platinum and Gold members David Miller and Victor Moreno hit up Cornell University. Like many times before, Master Danny was up there conducting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminars with the students.

Cornell is always nothing short of a great time. The students are all so nice and everyone is always so excited to learn from Master Danny.

The seminar was focused on a number of different things including:

-Deep Half Guard
-Turtle Guard
-Sweep And Attacks From The Spider Guard
-Guard Passing And Beating The Half Guard

The students picked everything up without any issues at all. I guess we shouldn’t be shocked, after all it is one of the smartest and best universities in the whole world!

Thanks again to everyone and we look forward to seeing Cornell again in the spring time of 2013.

Below are some past videos of Master Danny teaching skills at Cornell. Enjoy!

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