Jack Dawson promoted to blue belt…and he smiled!

By March 10, 2011 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

Jack Dawson becomes the 8th blue belt in 3 years at Ivey League MMA. Jack earned his belt through many hours spent working on his skills on the mat in BJJ. Jack is coming off an impressive championship at the WKA’s a few weeks ago and Master Danny Ives thought it was about time to bump him up in rank.

Jack has been a leader in the Ivey League practice room for a long time. Always showing up on time and always giving it his all in each workout. Jack trains in BJJ, Muay Thai and Wrestling and is the most well rounder fighter we have at Ivey League MMA.

Jack is from the Annapolis area and attended Annapolis High School. He then attended the Navel academy and U-Maryland. He got started at Ivey League just to get a different type of workout and get in shape. Now he stands as one of the best students we ever produced.

Congrats Mr. Dawson, well earned buddy!

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