Jim Kelly Makes Wrestlers of Us All!

By March 1, 2010 June 27th, 2018 No Comments

Saturday’s takedown workshop was a great success with Jim Kelly giving a special workshop on takedowns for wrestling, grappling, and MMA. With many new students in the room to the world of wrestling, Mr. Kelly began with a series of solo drills for us to incorporate into our daily training routines. We all were instantly aware of the benefits of lunges and squats when cross training! After a great warmup, we partnered up to learn how to control our opponent at different stages of a takedown. We focused first on the double leg then later on the sweep single leg. We learned solo and partner drills to solidify our positions and condition our bodies to have perfect muscle memory. We practiced throughout the workshop how to best change our level in any situation. After two and a half hours of thorough instruction and practice, the team was exhausted but enlightened! Thank you to all who attended the seminar and gave their 110% in training and of course to Mr. Kelly who made us much better martial artists.

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