Thanks for applying for the post of Student Membership Consultant/Front Desk here at Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts. This post is a very important part of our business so we want to make sure we get the right person and that whoever takes the job will really enjoy working with us.

To make sure that happens we need you to complete this form and a couple of tasks. They are based on what you will actually be doing in the role, so if you like them, you’ll probably like the job. If not, you won’t.

To apply for this job you need to:

  • Fill in the form
  • Complete the two tasks
  • Send task 2 back to me along with your resume.

Fill in the Form Below:

TASK 1: Telephone message task

Part of this role is booking prospective clients into sales presentations. Sometimes they don’t show up. When that happens you need to find out what happened and get them booked into another appointment.

Here’s a typical situation.

Chrissy Rodriguez was booked in for 3pm this afternoon. She was interested in Muay Thai Kickboxing. She didn’t show up and you have had no message to explain her absence. Her phone number is +1 410 514 6414.

Please call the # above (its a voicemail box) and leave a message for Chrissy so you can re-book the appointment.

TASK 2: Organization task

Another key part of this role is keeping things organized. It’s really vital that all our records are filed correctly and everything is kept accurate and up to date. Not everyone is good at it, so you must be.

Please tell us about a job where you had to organize things like:

  • Mail
  • Email
  • Your tasks
  • Stuff for other people
  • The front desk
  • Updating and organizing records
  • Filing
  • Other people’s records
  • Client records
  • Appointments
  • Phone calls

Please explain in no more than 600 words how you kept those things organized and email your answer back to me at [email protected] along with your resume.