Judo Seminar this weekend at Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts In Annapolis Maryland!

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Hi everyone!

Just a quick heads up, this upcoming weekend we’ll be hosting a beginner level Judo seminar with Miss Kelly Franquemont.

(Pic below is Miss Kelly, and it’s a funny pic too)

Miss Kelly Franquemont, doing....well not sure what's going on here!

This seminar will focus of takedowns using the gi/clothes. The takedowns will be very much on the beginner level but even if your advanced this is a seminar for you.

Should you take this seminar? Look, this is the thing:

Do you need takedowns to come out alive in a self defense situation? Maybe, maybe not, BUT….does it make you much more likely to come out alive? Will it only help you to defend yourself better?


Also, I should point this out, Judo is fun! Forget the self defense and winning tournaments stuff, Judo is a good time and very fun stuff.

U-Penn Judo, With Miss Kelly Franquemont in the middle

So yeah, come out and take the Judo seminar. I guarantee you’ll learn new things and have a blast. Below are the details:

Miss Kelly Franqumont Judo seminar for beginners (basics and fundamentals will be greatly stressed)
March 3rd, 12pm for kids and 2:30pm for CAP students (Gold, Platinum and Titanium)
$10 for CAP/BBC students and $20 for intro and non enrolled students
Children’s seminar is 2 hours long and adults are an hour to an hour in a half depending on the group.

Keep in mind that March 3rd is the official 4 year anniversary date for Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts! So we’ll be doing some special stuff for the students and friends that attend the seminars….trust me it’s going to be a good time.

Below is a cool video of a basic Judo demo event that U-Penn did. This video at least gives you an idea of simple Judo tactics and training.

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