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Those who know me know I’m a huge fan of takedowns. I love me some takedowns! Any type, Throws, leg attacks or defense, all that’s fine by me. I’m a fan.

I’ve been training in martial arts for a long time. In that time I’ve learned that if you want realistic self defense, you’ve got to learn how to do takedowns.

Through many years of travel, and having been fortunate enough to learn from so many great instructors in various takedown styles, I’ve now come to this conclusion:

Nothing beats Wrestling and Judo. They’re the KINGS.

If you’ve trained in and understand these two styles, even if it’s just on a basic level, you’re that much more dangerous in a real fight.

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The Kids Of Ivey League MMA are Seen Here Learning Some New Judo Takedowns During a Seminar in 2011.

Do you need to learn both styles?

Well no not really. You could get by only learning one or the other style sure. I mean something’s better then nothing. However, if it were me I’d want to combine the two for the best results. Do that and it won’t be long before you’re a takedown beast.

You don’t have to master both systems.

I don’t want to paint a false picture for those reading this. I suck at Judo. Or okay maybe not “suck” but to be honest my Judo skills are okay…at best. I’m much better at Wrestling.

Here’s the thing; Even though my Judo isn’t that sharp, that’s never keep me from learning more about it. I’m always seeking out new learning opportunities. Not just for me, but also for the students of Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts.

wrestling practices in arnold maryland

Navy Wrestling Coach Danny Song is Seen Here Teaching a Seminar at Ivy League MMA

One way I accomplish this is by bringing in takedown experts. I bring these experts to my school in Arnold and they teach us new takedown skills. We’ve been lucky to have had some amazing takedown artists come through to conduct seminars.

A few of these great instructors and fighters who’ve visited Ivey League are:

  • Ben Askren – Wrestling Olympian and 2x NCAA Champion
  • Nick Delpopolo – Judo Black Belt 2012 Olympian
  • Danny Song – Head Asst. Coach, Navy Wrestling
  • Kelly Shiohira – Judo Black Belt, Trained in Japan
  • James KellyHead Asst. Youth Wrestling Coach, Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club

Why learn how to do takedowns?

You need wrestling techniques more for learning to attack the legs for takedowns such as the double leg and high C. Judo is more of a throwing style, using techniques like the hip toss and Seoi Nage.

For success in MMA it never hurts to have a feel for both arts. Remember, you don’t need to win an Olympic gold medal. Just learn a few takedowns from each style that fits you. The more you can add to your game the better.

karate and judo

Master Danny Ives and Wife Teresa w/ Our Judo Guest Instructors After a Great Seminar

Video Study (Thank Goodness For Youtube)

It’s not hard to find videos showcasing the best takedown fighters in the world. Youtube to the rescue! So for today I included some great videos featuring matches in both Judo and Wrestling. Study up. Learn how to do takedowns and you’ll have a leg up on the competition!

Oh and the last video is me (Danny Ives), teaching a sweet takedown called the inside trip.

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