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IL 2015 Kids Summer Camp Open House Takes Place on February 28th

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youth day camp in arnold md

Summer seems so far away right about now doesn’t it? It’s winter time so why talk summer right?

Yes It’s still winter time but for my wife and I, and for all the parents out there whether you realize it or not, summer is fast approaching! The good news is we’ve been planning/prepping for our martial arts summer camp day and night since November.

Last year was a smashing success for our summer program. It was the best year we’ve ever held for fun, learning, and camaraderie. We plan to be even better in 2015! Last year also COMPLETELY SOLD OUT in MAY!

So if you dont want to miss out on the fun for your child, you have two options to join us.

summer camp in annapolis

Flipper and Lania are pictured here having a good time at 6 Flags during the 2014 camp.

Any child aged 3-15 can join our summer program. We will of course provide many more details on it in the future but for those who are ready to jump in, we telling you now how to get in on the best summer program out there.

Option 1, the enrollment period, is when parents can sign up for our summer program by setting an appointment to meet with one of our consultants. They will go over the day to day operations briefly and explain the enrollment options.

Our enrollment period starts on 1/26/15 and will continue until we are full or 6/6/15, whichever happens first.

Even better news: If you know you are ready to secure the best summer you can for your child to evolve in martial arts and in life, reply to this email to get on our VIP Early Registration list.

The VIP Early Registration is for those who are serious and have a good sense that our program will not only exceed their expectations but that they dont want to miss out!

We will contact you asap and appointments to enroll begin 1/26/15. The VIP Early Registration Period will go until 2/11/15 or until the first 16 spots are claimed, whichever happens first.

If you are unable or unsure about meeting and securing your child’s spot during the VIP Early Registration time, don’t fret. Standard enrollment will continue again beginning 3/1/15. Or you can plan to attend our newest option described next.

And now for Option Number 2… Open House!

The Summer Program Open House is for all parents who want to see the Big Picture! If your child hasn’t spent a summer with us before…

If you came last year but want to hear the details on anything new… If you want to make sure you hear the answers to all the questions parents may have…Then put this on your calendar!

Members as well as non members are welcome to attend. We’ll detail everything you’ll want to know like the daily activities, tuition prices and options, major field trips planned, etc.

You can speak to staff and meet families who attended in the past to get their perspective. I’m sure they’d be more then happy to tell stories of what are summer camp has done for their child.

As we conclude the Open House, you can sign up right then for the summer or make an appointment to meet with us when you have time should you decide to have your child spend the summer with us.

Mark your calenders for February 28th, 2015. 9:30am sharp.

Our address is:
Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts
1517 Ritchie Hwy #1,
Arnold, MD 21012
(443) 949-7208

Little Brody gets some face painting in along with the other kids during our summer camp

Little Brody gets some face painting in along with the other kids during our summer camp

**Parents** Do keep in mind, our martial arts summer camp sells out every year fast. We plan to sell out within weeks.

We keep saying this because it is not fun for us to turn people away. We care about all the kids here and want the best for them, but the program is limited to make sure we do our best.

But you know what, when it’s all said and done, I don’t need to go on about anything because after your child spends a summer training with us, the results gained can do all the talking 🙂

We look forward to an amazing summer with so many great kids! We hope to see many parents and families at the open house on Febuary 28th!

–Danny Ives and Staff

If you’d like to get your son or daughter (or both) signed up now you can contact us via email ([email protected]) or by phone 443-949-7208 to set up a VIP Registration appointment with one of our staff.

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