People come in from time to time asking If they can sign up for Karate lessons. Truth be told, we don’t teach Karate in any of our classes here at Ivey League.

We teach what’s called MMA, that’s short for “Mixed Martial Arts”. It’s the style of martial arts made famous by an event called the UFC.

The UFC came out and because of the limited rules in order to have success you needed to become proficient in all areas of a fight.

We call this being “well rounded”.

The main styles that come together to form MMA are:

Muay Thai Kickboxing
Brazilian “Gracie” Jiu-Jitsu

MMA is much different from traditional martial arts like Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu.

MMA gets It’s name because It’s not just one type of martial arts, It’s a “mixed bag” of styles that blend together to make you as well rounded of a fighter as possible.

MMA teaches students how to defend themselves both standing and on the ground, unlike Karate and Tae Kwon Do which focus only on standing attacks like punches and kicks.

Over the last 21 years, MMA has proven to be the worlds #1 form of self-defense. MMA has become the top choice for people all over the world because it works.

Another aspect that’s makes MMA different from Karate is something called “katas” or “forms”.

All traditional styles, like Karate, practice Kata, which is kind of like a dance, but with the use of martial arts techniques that flow in a choreographed routine.

This type of activity is fine for what it is, a scripted routine. However, far from realistic self-defense.

We don’t incorporate katas into our curriculum. We choose to focus on more practical skills needed for success in a real fight.

We’d like to point out that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Karate or Tae Kwon Do.

Here at Ivy League, We respect all styles of martial arts and respect whichever you choose to train in, karate, Kung Fu or MMA.

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes follow the same format.

We teach MMA in most of the youth classes. Just like with the adult students, we want the kids to be as well rounded as possible.

So, if you’re looking for Karate classes, sorry but we’re not it. However, If you want the very best self-defense training you can find, by all means feel free to come by and see us.

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karate vs mma in maryland

MMA Training isn’t just for UFC fighters anymore. Normal, everyday people take these types of classes for self-defense skills.