Our Summer Camp Offers Much More Than Just Punches & Kicks, Campers Walk Away With Powerful, Life-Changing Lessons That Last a Lifetime

Dear Parent,

Choosing the right camp is a very difficult decision for any parent to make. How your child invests their time during the summer months does have an impact down the road.

More downtime means more chances for them to find trouble, or befriend the wrong kind of kids, or….not do anything at all but lay around the house all day playing video games.

Most summer camps in the Annapolis area offer little more than a teenage babysitter. A kid who needed a summer job and can’t wait to get home…Your child deserves better!

The difference in quality and value from one summer camp to the next is night and day. Like any good parent, you’d like a summer camp that offers more than just a place to babysit your kid.

This is where our summer camp stands out from all the rest. We don’t “babysit” your child and no our camp isn’t run by a bunch of college kids who needed a summer job.

We teach mixed martial arts (MMA) to the kids and they go through some really challenging workouts that help get them into amazing shape.

I’m sure mom and dad would agree, making these kids workout and raising their level of fitness in today’s generation of video game addicted kids is harder than it looks. Well never fear!

At Ivey League, they will go through workouts everyday that are designed to help turn your child into a better overall athlete, which is something that’ll carry over into other sports like soccer, football and lacrosse.

The kids go through 1-2 martial arts training sessions a day. They learn a blend of Brazilian “Gracie” Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Kickboxing.

Not to mention that they’ll be learning from the most qualified instructors in Maryland, or anywhere in the United States.

However, martial arts and fitness is good and well but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What the kids stand to gain from our training goes far beyond punches and kicks.

We’ll teach your kid to believe in him or herself, to stay focused, to set goals and stick to them. These are skills that won’t leave your child once summer ends. These are life skills.

You’ll see first hand how our mixed martial arts training will teach your child how to be an assertive leader who’s confident, disciplined, and shows respect towards family and teachers.

Let us help make your child’s summer one filled with real fun, you know, the kind they had before video games, the internet and cell phones.


Summer Camp FAQ’s

Here are some answers to a few of our most commonly asked questions!

Q: Does my child HAVE to be a member to attend?


Q: What Are The Ages For Your Summer Camp?

A: We take students as young as five years of age and as old as 14 years old.

Q: Can I pick and choose certain weeks for my child to attend?

A: Yes you’ve got the option of choosing certain weeks that best suit your needs and summer travel schedule.

Q:What are the hours of operation? 

A: Our normal summer camp hours are 9am till 5pm. However, we offer before and after care services starting at 7am and ending at 6:30pm.

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